Gay news, Jesse Helms, NY Gender Nondiscrimination Law, U.K politican outed/resigns, Kylie’s clip denied for lesbian kiss

31 05 2010

Recent records show that Jesse Helms, the late senator who was a very active anti-gay politician, had called the FBI because he got death-threats from gays back in the day. It is not surprising gays wanted to hurt him. He was against aids funding back in the 80’s saying it was caused by disgusting human behavior , fought against the civil rights of gays and voted against any pro-gay law. Nothing ever happened to him though, but I hope it did cost him some sleepless nights back when he was alive, he ruined many people’s lives.

The chances of the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act becoming Law in Ny got a mayor boost this week. They have 32 senators on board now, enough to get a majority. It would add gender identity to the human rights law that protects people against discrimination in employment, credit, housing. About time, it is hard enough to have gender issues as it is to have to worry about housing and jobs.

Britain’s Treasury Minister David Laws was one of the stars of the new coalition but has now become its first casualty. He funneled government money to his boyfriend by getting him a room he rented and was not out as gay. The  self-made millionaire and Liberal Democrat( surprise, not a conservative) is still known by colleagues as an honourable man who not went into politics for financial gain. He does not seem that honourable to me.

MTV Asia is not gonna show the new clip of Kylie Minogue, called “All the lovers” because it features a lesbian kiss. All the nudity in it is fine but 2 girls kissing… Pretty pathetic. A short preview of the clip.

Politics, Kagan Supreme Court, The Netherlands, Red families against blue families

12 05 2010

After  a lot of speculating in that direction Obama nominated Elena Kagan as new Supreme Court nominee. I like that she is a woman, to even out the ratio in the court but on issues I care about I dunno yet how good she will be. There are rampant rumors she is lesbian and both sides want her to come out. The religious right to use it against  her on gay issues(they don’t think it is fair she can vote on gay issues, how ridiculous is that), the left because they are afraid it will compromise her voting just to prove a point. So far we know she is against DADT but also that she does not necessarily think gay marriage is a constitutional right but a matter of political process. Not good for marriage equality cases.

New Government Elections in the Netherlands are being held on June 9 and the Dutch Labor Party(PVDA) wants to have to the right for christian school to not hire a gay teacher removed. Officially schools cannot discriminate but under European law they can make up their own professional demands. I will not vote PVDA but I do like this initiative.

Cultural conservatives often condemn the loose moral values and lifestyles of cities like San Francisco. But if you wanna find stable 2 parents families and well-treated kids you have a bigger chance finding them in SF then in “Palin- Country.” The country’s lowest divorce rate is in the original home state of gay marriage Massachusetts. Blue(democratic) states have far lower divorce rates and teen pregnancies then red states. Very interesting! “Family values” might be bad for families!

News Bites, terror alert sometimes fake,bb porn companies safety hazard?

21 08 2009

Justin Timberlake is apparently not a big Kathy Griffin fan. As a bit of her show My life on the D-list she had rapper T.I. call Timberlake, but when he heard it was for Kathy Griffin’s show all Timberlake could say was Oh and he did not sign an agreement to let it air. Guess he can only be funny when it’s scripted like on Saturday Night Live.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge publishes a tell-all and one of the things he writes is that the national security alert levels were sometimes politically motivated and not based on actual threats. He was even pushed to raise the terror alert to help Bush with the ’04 elections, a thing he did not do. I have to say I suspected this already back then but it’s still shocking that people are being made scared just for political gain. Awful.

An AIDS Healthcare Foundation will file a notice of safety or health hazard with the California Department of Safety and Health against 16 porn companies that made bareback (unsafe sex) movies. Curious what comes out of that. I personally think everyone should decide themselves if they have safe-sex or not, so the companies are not a safety hazard as long as nobody is pressured into doing something they don’t wanna do.

Matthew Shepard act passes U.S. Senate

17 07 2009

The hate crimes bill got passed by a 63-28 vote in the Senate. A great and important step. Unfortunately the Democratic Senate Majority Leader attached the bill to a $ 1.75 billion measure in funding for F-22 fighter jets that is also included in this legislation. Obama has already told he is not gonna vote in favor of the F-22 program. This will mean the hate crimes bill will also be vetoed and needs to be sent back to the Senate for a re-write. Stupid from the Democratic party. Now it will be a while before the bill will become law, just because they also want other things pushed through that have nothing to do with the hates crimes bill.

Christian schools are allowed to “not hire” gay teachers in the Netherlands????

11 06 2009

Where is this going in my lovely open-minded country?? Loyalty should not only be in the school itself but also outside(meaning not having a gay partner). What bad is it for kids to have a gay teacher??( According to the council of State’s secret memo it does)Does not make them gay!! We have a problem with too much Christianity in our government with out of three,one christian party and one extreme christian party. I knew it would give problems like this and it does. The current anti-discrimination law in the Netherlands forbids the single fact of someone being gay be a factor in the hiring or firing process. Hope is stays that way. Curious what would happen if they would keep women out or people from a different race.

Pennsylvania’s state senator introduces marriage equality bill

29 05 2009

Darryl Leach introduced legislation that would legalize gay marriage and also recognizes same- sex marriages performed elsewhere. According to Leach there has never been a better time for Pennsylvania to embrace equality.





25 05 2009

I know it is something that is so rooted in the US history and believes of people that it will be hard to change, but would it not be great if there were more big parties then just the Democrats or the Republicans. In the Netherlands we have 7 big parties including a couple religious ones, libertarians, green party, socialist and more. I know some of those also exist in the US but they never get even one seat in Senate or Congress. I know a lot of Americans are neither totally Democrat or Republican but they despise the other party so much that they totally get into one or the other. With more larger parties people could pick one that fits them much more. it will also bring down the sometimes intense hate between the supporters of the parties in my opinion.