Poppers not a drink!!!

12 01 2010

In several deli stores in NY they have poppers laying next to the miniature energy drinks(saw it on several blogs and myself as well a few weeks ago). Yes, they say Rush on them but that does not mean you can drink it!!. Poppers is amyl nitrite, a light drug that is legal in the U.S.. You can sniff it and then that opens you vagina or anus for sexual intercourse and gives you a light high that lasts just a few minutes. It is not legal in the Netherlands anymore but 10 yeas ago it still was. I was working in a garden centre at the time and now and then me and some others were using it when the boss came in to show him our red flushed faces( a side effect) and prove we were working very hard in the 110 degrees glass houses in the hopes being moved somewhere else. The fact it probably was not very smart to use it with those temps was not on our mind I guess. Using it under normal circumstances is fine though but drinking could sent you to the hospital if not worse!!! Wonder when the health inspection does something about this.