Gay news, IBM most gay friendly, dad does not want kids of gays at school son, couple in BC, Can shuts down B&B because they do not wanna serve gays

11 06 2010

IBM is the most gay-friendly company in the world. This was made public at the international LGBT business conference in Amsterdam this week. Google and British Telecom are 2 and 3. IBM has worked on diversity for over 100 years, being the first to hire women and people of color. World-wide they have 400.000 employees. Keep it going!!

Archdiocese of Boston’s Pilot newspaper columnist Michael Pakuluk does not want his 6-year-old son to be in the same class as a gay couple’s kid because there is a real danger that kid would bring (or refer )to something obscene or pornographic to school as that goes along with the gay lifestyle. Is he for real?? How insulting to gay parents.

An elderly couple in British Columbia, Canada has decided to close their Bed&Breakfast rather than face additional charges of discriminating against gay customers. They say they have been harassed so bad just for “being themselves. The couple denied a gay couple staying with them because that was against their religious beliefs. According to their lawyer they are a lovely couple that do not want to be seen as discriminating, but they are christians staying true to their beliefs. Nasty bitter old bigots, is more like it.

Teacher fired for gay nude pics

26 09 2009

An allegedly straight and hunky teacher of the Harvey Grammar school in Kent was fired after naked pictures of him ¬†on a gay website resurfaced. One pupil got it sent to him via a link on facebook and then it spread like wildfire through the school. The 25-year-old teacher came to school not knowing anything but was quickly shipped to the principal’s office and asked to leave. The pics were not pornographic but too much for the school none the less. I actually think the teacher should be happy being fired because I think the kids would have never let him forget about this one. He is probably better off now!!

Tennessee state Senator in blackmail sex scandal

23 07 2009

Paul Stanley who according to himself is a “family values” guy( married with to children) and has voted against gay adoptions was being blackmailed by the boyfriend of his mistress, a 22-year-old intern. Joel Watts found pornographic pictures from his girlfriend taken at Stanley’s house. After demanding $10.000 t0 keep quiet, Stanley went to the FBI and they set up Watts. What guy with any values does this, let alone family values. Poor wife and kids.