Gossip, Paula Deen, Real Housewives, Tila Tequila, Kylie in NY

8 06 2010

My favorite TV-chef Paula Deen had a maid that stole her jewelry ,y’all . Her husband Michael filed a report with police that in between august 2009 and may 2010, jewelry and other precious metals were stolen. Michael and Paula caught her in the act and fired her ass immediately. I used to think one of our old maids stole my tranquilizers but I think sometimes I just forgot how many I actually took.

Real Housewife of NY, Jill Zarin has contacted authorities for being harassed. A family from Chicago and Alabama have threatened her after her address was made public on the internet. Jill is pissed and rightly so. This is going way too far. Besides, I like Jill and do not get why everyone seems to hate her now. The season finale broke viewing records so people are into them.

Danielle Staub, from New Jersey, has a sex-tape coming out that she made with an unknown male last year. She is the one that Theresa Guidice called a “prostitution whore,” but maybe it is time for Theresa herself to bring out a sex-tape. The woman is $11 million!!!! in debt. She and her husband make only 80.000 a year but have been spending like Donald Trump. How can that even happen???

Tila Tequila is where she belong, the nut-house. She cut her wrist and showed it to fans and they called an ambulance. A while back she twittered about falling and having a deadly dent in her head and she also faked a pregnancy and talked about suicide before. One less person on Dr Drew’s rehab.

Kylie Minogue was in NY for the AmFAR gala and the next day she went to gay bar Splash to promote her new album and the gays went nuts. Been to Splash with my girlfriends once and liked it there. Would have liked seeing Kylie!!

Inflamed appendix turns out to be baby

28 11 2009

A 37-year old waitress from Germany went into the hospital with extreme stomach pains. She assumed the pain was from her appendix but at the hospital it turned out to be contractions. An hour later a healthy baby was born. They woman says she though she could not get pregnant and had not paid any attention to not getting her period anymore. Clearly not the smartest person and also how could you not notice??. Every now and then you hear a story like this and after asking female relative with kids about it, it’s just hardly possible to not notice. Maybe some psychological denial problems as well here.

Pregnant man has another baby

10 06 2009

After having a girl, Susan, a while ago Thomas Beatie(born as a woman but living as a man) now has a boy. I don’t know about this one. I am really open-minded but this is just a little too much. I totally understand people being born in the wrong body and thus being trans gender but then after transitioning to a man still having a baby is just a little much. But I guess if they are happy and the babies are, who am I too judge.