3 clips of hate against gays, American Evangelicals, Polish priest and Hitler bullshit

27 05 2010

Current TV has made a documentary about American Evangelical leaders going to african countries to stir up hate against gays. One of the reason for the “Kill the Gays-bill” in Uganda.Repulsive.

A polish priest in Krakow has some very harsh words for gays and homosexuality. He hopes they are burned at the stake, like in the good ‘ole days. How priest-like…

American Family ASSociation’s Bryan Fisher says Hitler’s army was full of masculine gay soldiers because only gays could be so savage and vicious to follow his orders. How rude and repulsive to the families of all the gay holocaust victims who certainly were not all effeminate. People like this make me want to be savage and brutal. That is right, don’t fuck with us gays because we have no limits except if it messes up our hair and nails….. . Normally all gays have to be butch and not femmy, now all of a sudden a butch gay is a savage.. Pretty sick fuck that Fisher.

Priest falls asleep during suicide call

14 04 2010

A suicidal 44-year old man from Sweden got all of his strength together to make a phone call to a priest to help him get off the idea of suicide. It was the middle of the night and the man first heard that the priest starting yawning, followed by silence in which he thought the priest was making notes but is was followed by snoring. He woke the priest up but 5 minutes later the same happened. The woman from the hotline that dials the people through too pastors is obviously upset about the whole thing.

Clash between catholic church and gays in Netherlands

28 02 2010

In the south of the Netherlands there is quite the consternation about a clash between the catholic church and gays. As I reported earlier there was a Prince Carnival who was refused a communion wafer because he was openly gay and then gays wanted to protest at the biggest church in Den Bosch by all trying to get a communion wafer. The church than decided friday to not give anyone a communion wafer during sunday’s mass. When on sunday the priest explained it to the people in church half of the church went empty and people left with booing and singing. The church says it just does what Rome wants and that the gays are disrespectful. The reaction on the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands were very largely in favor of the gays. The catholic church does not handle gays respectful either. Many of them have been baptized like me so why can’t we all of a sudden not get a communion wafer, just discrimination.

Hungarian priest in gay sex scandal with porn star

31 10 2009

Father L. slept with a male escort and gay porn star but refused to pay later on. The escort enticed the priest into a revealing conversation that he secretly recorded on his cell phone and sold to the tabloids which caused a minor media scandal. One of the magazines contacted the church but they refused to comment. The thing that pissed off many people in Hungary is that he paid the escort for previous sessions 300 euro. That is the monthly pay for priests in Hungary!! Probably the church people paid for him to go and see prostitutes.