Woman ties dog to freezer boyfriend

11 07 2010

Abby Toll from Colorado was jealous of the attention her boyfriend gave to his dog(a Shiba)for a long time. More than he have her. She got so fed up that she put tape and bandages to the feet and nose of the dog and tied if face forward on the fridge. The cunt got 30 days in prison and 3 years probation. The dog is fine and has new parents now. I have to admit to being a little jealous of all the attention my boyfriend gave one of our dogs sometimes in the past. But as a semi-sane person myself I react that off on him and not the dog.

Joran Van der Sloot

6 06 2010

Finally this psycho is getting what he deserves. Only after killing a girl unfortunately. It seems almost 100% sure now that he killed her after being seen on camera going to her room together and leaving alone. While I do not think he purposely killed Natalee Holloway, I do think that he knows where her body is. She probably overdoses on something but who knows… This guy seems to be capable of anything, also trying to blackmail Holloway’s mother. So low. And now he does not have his judge father to get him out of trouble anymore either. It sickens me to read on yahoo about a dutch killer etc. I know he is dutch but he is such bad publicity for the Netherlands and Aruba. And the system has kept him out of prison for all these years, that is the worst thing. Well, he will not get off that easy in Peru. I bet the rich father of the murdered girl will make sure some prisoners will get him good every now and then. What a rant!!!

Gay man beating by Moroccans at gay memorial

8 05 2010

I read this disturbing news in my national paper today. At memorial day nonetheless last Wednesday 2 dutch Moroccans beat up a gay man who was making a tribute at the gay memorial for WWII victims in Amsterdam. The nerve to do that on that day and such a spot… The 38-year-old man was beaten, being kicked and hit and even lost consciousness. A girlfriend tried to help him and got punched as well and also needed assistance in the hospital. The 2 Moroccans left on a scooter. And then people wonder why Geert Wilders has such a big following. Sent those bastards to prison and then back to Morocco.

Gossip, Michael Jackson’s gay lover?/Brit. Murphy’s husband dates her mom, Halle Berry break-up, Real Housewives news

3 05 2010

Jackson’s friend and dermatologist dr Arnold Klein claimed that his former office manager Jason Pfeiffer had a gay relationship with Michael. They were both featured in an interview with Extra during which they talked about this. Michael Jackson being gay is not a surprise but I do not believe he was into Pfeiffer. The guy is huge almost obese and not attractive and we all know at type Michael liked, so this is highly unlikely. They both already got death threats after the interview.

Rumor has it that the husband of the late actress Brittany Murphy is not only living together with but also dating her mother. That would be freaky. They are also shopping around a book-deal about her. It can be crazier though. I just read a 72-year old grandma from Indiana is having a surrogate baby with her grandson!!!

One of the prettiest couples in the world have broken up. Actress Halle Berry and model husband Gabriel Aubrey have ended their 5-year old relationship. Together they have an absolutely gorgeous little girl Nahla. Apparently Halle was getting too old for him!!, Gabriel is 9 years younger. Ouch.

And to end the weekly gossip there is some Real Housewives news. Gretchen from OC was almost in prison for not showing up in court for a face-off with her ex lover  Jay who is suing her for slander. Then Josh Waring, son of Lauri from OC is in prison again. This time not for drug issues but domestic violence. Lauri did such a great job as a mom. And the Countess, from New York has a single out called “Money can’t buy you class” It’s rappy and housy and I unfortunately have to admit it’s so bad I like it. Similar to Kim Zolciak’s Tardy for the Party in that way.

Hot sauce in your hole

30 04 2010

A male prisoner from Ohio was brought to the hospital and claimed to have been raped from behind in the showers. Later he admitted that was not true. He just had experimented while masturbating and put a hot-sauce bottle up him bum and could not get it out. And I always thought you could get all the anal sex you want in prison.

GLBT News, Ru Paul’s gets another show, Tucker Carlson calls Rachel Maddow a man, transgender prison in Italy

13 01 2010

Ru Paul will get another show on Logo called Ru Paul’s Drag U. On this show Ru and other drag queens apply fairy godmother dust to the lives and looks of people who need a little help. Sounds like fun!!!

Many gay media outlets are pissed off at Fox News’s Tucker Carlson’s new website in which he say he has the gift of wisdom(ha!) but also that he would rather have another gift like the untold riches of Little Wayne or be the sexiest man alive like Rachel Maddow. I think that is just hilarious and gay blogs bitching that it is because Rachel is a lesbian should just calm down and accept a funny joke( she does kinda look like a guy, even though I do like her). A funny joke is a funny joke!

A previously empty female prison in Pozzale, Italy will be transformed into a prison-house for transgender inmates. It will house 30 of the believed 60 transsexual inmates Italy has. Most of the women have only drug-related or prostution sentences and would be butt of jokes or aggression in normal prisons. A great idea!

80y old Greek ladies in jail for playing poker

27 11 2009

Playing poker is apparently illegal in Greece. Not only when playing for money but apparently also for fun.  A neighbor had called to police to inform them about the illegal poker nights of the group of old ladies(what an asshole) and the cops came by to pay the gals a visit during their weekly night of criminality, haha. The cards were being confiscated as well as the chips and the ladies had to spent some time in prison. How ludicrous is that???


Sports news Bites; tennis, Michael Vick and Michael Phelps

14 08 2009

Serena Williams joked about Kim Clijsters’ comeback that she herself looked more like she had a baby then Kim. Pretty funny and pretty much true as well. Meanwhile Kim has beaten Kuznetsova and is in the quarterfinals of the Cincinnati tournaments and both Williams-sisters are out losing to Bammer and Pennetta.

Dog abuser Michael Vick has signed a one-year contract with American Football team the Philadelphia Eagles for a year, just after being released from prison. Surprised that anyone would hire a cruel guy like that for a family friendly sports team. I would not wanna play in a team with a guy like that.

And Michael Phelps made sure to keep the tradition of being in trouble after winning medals at Olympics or World championships alive. He was involved in a three-car accident in Baltimore. Apparently it was Michael’s fault.