Gay gossip news, Roseanne attacks Marie Osmond/mormon church, Christian Siriano, Barbara Walters/Ricky Martin

7 03 2010

Roseanne has not made herself popular with the Osmond family and mormons in general. She attacked Marie Osmond for being part of a church that hates gays and destroyed Marie’s gay son. She thinks Marie should distance herself from that church and should not talk about how her faith helped her through all this. I love Roseanne but maybe this was not the time to do this, so shortly after the death, besides Marie has been vocal in her support for gay rights and her lesbian daughter. I do agree that it is toxic for gay kids to be raised in a mormon church though and i love how Roseanne has always stuck up for gay rights.

Christian Siriano, everyone’s favorite pocket-size fierce person, is getting his own reality show on Bravo. The winner of Project Runway will follow him as he sets up a new shop and launches his clothing line.

Barbara Walters has some regrets about interviews she did with her Oscar specials, like interviewing the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles(wtf). The question she regrets most in her entire career is pushing Ricky Martin hard to admit he was gay. according to her people say it destroyed his career. I think she gives herself too much credit here. Ricky has just not made good music like he used too and no one thought he was straight anyway.

The View

10 02 2010

On this extremely snowy day I woke up early, still a bit jet-lagged and thinking what to do. Then it hit me, go to the View!. The studios are walking distance from our apartment here and the only other time I went it was fun. Tickets generally need to be booked 24 months in advance but I hoped a lot of people would stay home because of the weather. And I was right, could walk straight in!! I had really good seats and was sitting right in front of the ladies. Unfortunately Whoopie was snowed in and could not make it but Barbra Walters, Joy and the other were there.Last time it was all female audience this time a lot of (gay) men as well, so that was good. As guest Jackie Collin was there( and we all got a book), Tim Gunn from Project Runway being his fabulous self and as a musical guest Sade was there and boy was she good!! I love her on radio but live it is almost even better. Elisabeth was fighting with everyone, Joy was by far the funniest, Sherri was nicer to the audience and in general than I expected and Barbara seemed a little moody. All in all a great way to spent this shitty day!

Gossip; DJ AM, Madonna, wodka-soaked tampons

29 08 2009

Starting with some sad news. Former boyfriend of Nicole Ritchie, celebrity DJ Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM died of an overdose yesterday. Cops found him with prescription pills and a crack pipe. Tons of celebrities have paid their respects through Twitter. A year ago he was in a near fatal plane crash with artist Travis Barker that killed others in their plane. Apparently he was suffering from post traumatic stress from that and a bad break-up with his girlfriend. 

Madonna was booed yesterday at her concert in Romania this week after talking about the discrimination against Roma’s(gypsies) in Eastern Europe. Being the strong woman she is, she did not stop and also mentioned that discrimination against gays made her sad and that everybody should be treated as equals. Kuddos to her for sticking up for what she believes in.

One of my favorite Project Runway contestants Chris March( the funny heavy guy in the same season as Cristian Siriano) is suing the team around Beyonce. He was the head of costumes for her show and is demanding$43.500 in unpaid wages. Creative adviser Thierry Mugler is to blame for all this.

In America apparently all the rage with teens is inserting wodka-soaked tampons vaginally. Because this gives people a much quicker buzz teens prefer this over the normal drinking. In the Netherlands some folks have gone a step further. A guy and a girl inserted GHB(aka rape drug) soaked tampons in their ass/vagina to get a quicker buzz. Both ended up in the emergency room almost dead.

gay news; Ru Paul’s drag race, Hurricanes

23 08 2009

One of my favorite tv-shows, Ru Paul’s drag race is coming to the Netherlands. I watched all the American episodes religiously but can’t wait to see it here on TV as well. Ongina, Chanel and Nina Flowers were my favorites. We actually had a drag show on TV here over 10 years ago but it wasn’t nearly as much fun as the American version. A great blend of Project Runway, America’s Next Top model and drag-queen bitchiness. 

The evangelical church in the U.S. has lifted it’s ban on sexually active gays and lesbians serving as ministers. 68% of the 1000 members of the national assembly agreed with the lifting of the ban. That is some great news for some but doom for others. According to John Piper, pastor of the Bethlehem baptist church blamed the tornado that hit Minneapolis last week on the assembly even talking about allowing gays. We gays sure are powerful with nature, blamed for Katrina, tsunami and now this.

Gossip; Chaz Bono, Mugly attacked and more

20 08 2009

Chaz Bono(Cher’s former daughter, now son) and her girlfriend Jennifer Elia are hoping to start a family soon. The couple is looking around with the help of Cher for a sperm donor. The donor has to be creative, handsome and intelligent!!! Anyone??

The mother of Levi Johnston might go to prison for 5 years. Sherry pleaded guilty on possession of painkillers with the intent to sell. She suffered chronic back pain and had the OxyContin delivered per mail. She did not need that much though cause at three different occasions she tried to sell them to undercover police. She will be sentenced in November. Hope for her the judge is not a Palin supporter.

Project Runway starts with a bang this year and a totally wrinkle-free forehead. The sixth season begins with a 2 hour All Star Challenge with 8 of the favorite contestants of previous years. That will be awesome! And the guest-judge will be none other then wax figurine Nicole Kidman.

Britain’s ugliest dog Mugly was attacked this week by a group of teens. The almost hairless dog was kicked, punched and hit with a stick. Luckily a woman saw the attack and saved the dog. He is home now with bruises, cuts and is extremely shaken up. According to his owner he loves people and probably first thought it was a game. Poor thing, hope the bastards go to jail for a while.


10 08 2009

This year on American Idol there will be guest judges to will the void left by Paula Abdul. The first one was Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice. According to reports she tried to be nice and came off cool and icy. I am surprised by that because always when i hear her she seems funny and she was really great on Project Runway as a judge. Paula meanwhile has been tipped as a judge for Dancing with the Stars.

British train wreck Kerry Katona seems to get into more trouble all the time. Her new show on MTV is a flop and after having liposuction last year and looking all slimmed down, now she gained at least 20 pounds back. She is also a rumored pill-popper, alcoholic and druggie. Her marriage is in trouble as well it seems. I read her autobiography once and you have to feel sorry for her. She is bi-polar, had an abusive step dad, a mother that introduced her to speed and other drugs and she was a stripper. The fact that she made it into a successful girl band, was married to a famous boy bander and was able to win “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” is surprisingly enough. Hope she will have some better times again soon.

Another day another person trying to cash in on Michael Jackson’s fame and money. Actor Mark Lester, who was a friend of Jackson, was asked around the time Paris was born to donate sperm for Michael. His daughter and Paris Jackson look a bit alike and that’s why he thinks he might be her dad. I call bullshit on this one.

And Queen Latifah seems to finally be ready to come out of the closet. The world famous actress and singer was spotted at the hottest lesbian party in New York twice in a row accompanied by sizzling ladies. She has so far said that people thinking she is gay does not bother her, but never acknowledged she was a lesbian. I think it would be great for the African American community if she would come out soon.

Gay news; Washington gay law blocked, Outgames homophobia, El Paso backs gays

28 07 2009

The Washington domestic partnerships law, scheduled to go into effect Sunday, was blocked by anti gay groups who turned in signatures to put a referendum on the ballot that would repeal the “everything but marriage” measure.  I saw clips on how they gathered those signatures basically by scamming people into signing something they are not in favor of. 

At the Outgames in Copenhagen three men were attacked by a 28 and 33 year old after the opening on Friday night. The men were called faggots and ended up in the hospital with their injuries. They have since been released. The attackers are being held into custody until the games are over next weekend. Awful that things like that happen even in an open-minded county. I guess idiots are everywhere.

Some good news from the Outgames as well. Jack Mackenroth from Project Runway won a bronze medal in the 200m freestyle swimming. I bet he looks hot in a speedo. I have seen him work out in my gym multiple times and he seems like a great guy with a super hot body! Update, he won to silver medals as well today.

And the El Paso city council has unanimously approved a resolution reaffirming the city’s dedication to tolerance and acceptance of gays. This was necessary after the confrontation between a few gay men and security guards at Chico’s tacos restaurant, a story  have blogged about a few weeks ago. The police department has made a promise to teach more about diversity as well following the reaction of an officer that tried to charge the gay men with “homosexual conduct”