My TV crushes

18 06 2010

My first TV crush was Sean Connery when I was a young budding gay. He was masculine, adventurous, dark and brooding. Back then that was my thing. Then for years there was no one else until I watched the U.S version of Queer as Folk a few years back. Michael had a boyfriend named Dr David, played by Chris Potter in the first season and he is all I like in a man. Money, intelligence, a certain age and good body/face. Muscular but not ripped with a sex-pack. I always told my boyfriend Dr David was my perfect man, luckily those exist only in fiction. I know my partner has his fair share of celebrity crushes as well, very different type than mine though. Since a few weeks there is a new man in town though. On dutch gay channel OUTV there is a german krimi(detective show) that was on cable channel in SAT1 between 2002-2006. The detective was the first gay one on TV named Leo Kraft and he is played by Henning Baum. He and his best friend and colleague Nina Metz solve crimes and he is so hot. Deep manly voice, great muscular body, good face and smart as hell. He makes my thursday-night. My taste has changed from dark to blondish but the things that stayed are intelligent older and muscular. Curious to see who will be my number 4 will be.

LGBT News; asexual,sex change at home, Ted Kennedy and more

26 08 2009

Being gay, bi or even transgender is not hip and trendy anymore. All the new rage is being asexual. A 27 year old guy from San Francisco started an online community with 30.000 members of this movement. Apparently a couple researchers have given this a close look and think it might be a sexual identity like lesbian or bi. They have low sexual desires and little stress about it. I actually think I know a few people that are asexual, it’s kind of a weird thing to ask though.

Ronald Mery,61, a former soldier from the U.K. who is married and a father of 4 was told he had to wait 2 years for his gender reassignment surgery. He then went home, told his wife he had a headache and headed to the bathroom. He took painkillers and removed his penis with a home-made surgery kit, loosing tons of blood. Poor guy, that must have hurt both mentally and physically.

Details magazine had an article about an anarchist groups called Bash Back. It consists of people who neither identify as male or female. It’s anti -establishment,anti -marriage(for everyone) and anti-military. And it’s pro-porn and pro sex and uses confrontation as a response to violence. A while back, being angry over the church’s repression of gays they disrupted a service by pulling a fire alarm, dropping leaflets and yelling at parishioners. Gay’s fighting back(how Queer as Folk) is  good, we have to show people that they can’t just do and say anything with repercussions from gays. Reminds me of my mom once biked behind a group of teens that came by our house and yelled homo, queer while I wasn’t even there. She even managed to pull a guy from his bike who then(with my mom)fell on the street. This group though is way too much, fighting back is fine but not starting stuff.

Whether you liked his liberal politics or not( my bf did not like him at all) Ted Kennedy was a friend and hero for many LGBT folk and for people with HIV/AIDS. He died yesterday, age 79 , to brain cancer.

Queer as Folk

25 08 2009

Queer As Folk U.S.A has got to be my favorite series of all time!!!. Years ago I watched the British version on TV and I liked it a lot. My boyfriend and I then decided to buy the American version years ago and after 2 episodes, I decided I did not like it that much and it was a bad replica of the original British one and we stopped watching it. Last year we decided to give it another chance and was I glad about that!!. With the extremely relatable story lines, great characters, fantastic music and heart-breaking drama it looked at times like a version of my own life. I have never seen a series that had even slightly the same effect on me this one had. We watched the discs religiously and I was sad when it had come to an end. A few weeks ago back in the Netherlands I decided to buy the British version again and see what I thought about that one now.  And even though I again enjoyed watching it, my end conclusion is that the American version is way better. The story lines are far more developed, it’s more realistic and almost all the actors are better in the U.S series,except Charlie Hunnam who made a slightly better young gay teen coming out then Randy Harrison. The main man that everyone wants to have sex with is the extremely hot Gale Harold in the U.S but the British guy is OK looking at best, but definitely not someone everybody dreams of. The only real thing going for the British one is a little more humor. If someone would have said this to me a couple years back I would have laughed and thought they were sadly mistaken. I hope people in Britain and the rest of Europe give the American version a chance, it’s so worth it!!!