Gossip, Capriati overdose ,Melrose place star in trouble. Mel Gibson

29 06 2010

I heard the sad news yesterday that former tennis star Jennifer Capriati ended up in the hospital after an overdose. The former olympic gold medalist and 3 time Grand slam winner used too many prescription drugs according to her family. She has had her bouts with depression and suicidal thought and was busted for shoplifting and smoking pot in the past. She recently dated a famous porn star and had not played tennis since 2005 because of an injury. Hope she will be fine soon.

Amy Locane played Sandy in the original Melrose Place and was my favorite until she got ousted and was replaced by Jo. She was arrested in New Jersey yesterday for second-degree vehicular homicide. Not good. She crashed into the side of another car as it was trying to turn in a driveway and killed a passenger, the driver is still in critical condition. Amy had been drinking way too much and might be going to jail for 10 years. Sad.

Mel Gibson’s true colors are shining trough again. He got a restraining order against her to make her shut up about some alleged abuse on his account. Media reported that he punched her in the face so hard that she lost some teeth. What a way to treat your wife of a little over a year and the mother of your kid. Whether this is true or not Gibson is a nasty vile man.

NeNe Leakes, star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is getting a divorce after 12 years of marriage. They had a bad year with her son being busted with pot and rumors of an affair of NeNe with an NFL player. Now sources say he might be giving out some juicy details about NeNe’s past. I like Nene so I feel sorry for her.

Bristol Palin had her acting debut in Secret Life of Teenage Mothers and she proved not to be as good in faking it as her horrible mother. This is some truly shiteous acting.

gay news; Rush Limbaugh, Barney Frank, sit-in, sexual assault

21 08 2009

Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio host and possible Republican candidate in 2012, ¬†shows what a big baby he is on his show this week. During a town hall meeting this insane woman compared Obama with Adolf Hitler to which Barney Frank asks her on what planet she lives? Of course the only way Limbaugh can react is by making fun of Frank’s sexuality ,saying Barney Frank lives on Uranus. I am not a big Barney Frank fan, but this is just pathetic and childish.

A lesbian couple organized a sit-in Wednesday after expulsion from a Maryland diner. The women say they were just holding each other at the family restaurant ¬†Tastee Diner in Silverspring, but the female owner says they were touching each other inappropriately and that it does not matter if you are gay or straight. I dunno about this one, sit-in’s are fine if there is really something bad going on. But if they were really touching each other inappropriately then I think the restaurant was right. Hope we will find out the truth about what really happened here.

Charles Perez the fired Miami newsman that I reported about earlier, has won a 2-year restraining order against his ex-boyfriend Dennis Ricardo Pena. Pena an unemployed paralegal has 30 days to appeal. According to Perez, Pena was the one that sent all the private emails between Perez and his shrink to everyone in Perez’s electronic address book and he also physically threatened him and sexually assaulted him. Pena looks and seems like a nasty man!!!