Gossip; Michael Jackson, Rihanna, K-Fat, Amy Winehouse, Oscars and MTV awards

6 11 2009

According to Michael Jackson’s dermatologist and friend Arnold Klein, the reason why kids could describe the way Michael penis looked was because he liked other people to see him urinate. He did it in a plastic cup in a full waiting room at the doctor and also apparently for children to see. What a freak.

Singer Rihanna gave her first interview after her beat-down and I think she did great. I totally believe what she said about first still being so full of love for Chris Brown that she went back and later realizing that she is a role-model for many girls and it would be selfish to think only about her own love. Don’t react off of love, eff love” is her message. 

Kevin Federline becomes a dad for the 5th time, with 3 different woman. What a class act huh. Well ,maybe by the time his new girlfriend is 9 months pregnant her belly is bigger then his!

Amy Winehouse is going for the full extreme makeover!!. First the fake tits, now also plumped lips and what looks like some plumping in the face. Well, whatever she is doing she looks a lot better than before, so keep on going.

The Oscar hosts this year will be Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Well, after last years Hugh Jackman and rumored hosts Stephen Colbert and Neil Patrick Harris ,this seems like a boring and in my eyes disappointing choice.

The big winner of the MTV European Music Awards was Beyonce winning 3 awards for best singer, best song “Halo” and best clip “Single Ladies.” Lady Gaga won for best newcomer. Not a surprise but very deserved nonetheless. Eminem winning for best male singer though????


Gossip, Marge Simpson in Playboy, Rihanna or Prince, George Michael split

9 10 2009

The November issue of Playboy will have a very interesting model. Marge Simpson will pose on the cover and have a three-page spread in sexy cartoon-lingerie!! Will the carpet match the drapes ?? Pity it´s not Selma or Patty, haha. Wow, Levi Johnston for Playgirl and Marge for Playboy, interesting choices.

Is it me or does Rihanna slowly morph into Prince?. I thought she was hot a year back but now with the shaved sides, the pompadour on top and her ridiculous slightly masculine outfits not so much anymore.

George Michael and his partner of 13-years Kenny Goss have split up according to many tabloids. Last Christmas, haha, Kenny had enough of George but they managed to keep it a secret until now. All the cruising and drugging that were made public were apparently too much for Kenny. George denies they broke up.

Gossip; Justin/Jessica break up, Kimmel/Silverman sex-tape, reason Polanski arrest

1 10 2009

There are a lot of rumors going around the blogosphere that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are about to break up or already have. TMZ shot a picture of them hand in hand and denies the break but others claim Justin got a little dirty with Rihanna a short while ago. Jessica Biel is hot but she seems kinda dull, so Justin can probably get someone better. He is not super good-looking but has a hot body, is pretty funny and rich!!

Another rumor is one that might make you a little nauseous. There is a reported sex tape surfacing around from Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman getting it on at a resort on vacation a few years back. It lasts 15 minutes and sees them bumping titties and doing it missionary style. Their publicists deny, but they always do. I hope they are right!

And everybody talks about Roman Polanski and his arrest in Switzerland for the rape of a 13-year-old girl back in 1977. Kirstie Alley thinks the rapist should go to jail and Woopie Goldberg says is wasn’t rape. I wasn’t there so I don’t know if it was really rape or not, but it definitely was sex with a minor. Even though I think he should have been/be punished for this, I totally don’t understand it happening right now. I read somewhere it’s a ploy from the Switzerland to get the U.S to help them get 2 Swiss journalists out of Libya. Maybe with the help of Clinton again?? ‘This sounds like an unfair but very reasonable explanation.

Gossip; Rihanna tattoo shop; Lady Gaga, man breast-feeding??

6 09 2009

The tattoo shop where Rihanna illegally tattooed employees has gotten a fine in between 200/2000 dollar because Rihanna does not have a license. Pretty pathetic, if Rihanna would not have been famous nobody would have cared. Hope she pays the bills for the tattoo shop though. I would get a Rihanna tat!! Well maybe not anymore but at the time I had my other 2 I would have.

A Brisbane morning show thought it was appropriate to ask Lady Gaga about the hermaphrodite rumors and asked her where they were at the “tiny penis issue” right now and if she was embarrassed about the speculations. Gaga answered that her beautiful vagina was offended and with selling 4 million records in 6 months she had not to be embarrassed about. Great answer!!

Modern parents try to share duties and that’s great, but some things should maybe just be left to women. A man in Sweden wants the ability to breast-feed his future children. For 3 months the student economics will be pumping his nipples in an attempt to make them produce milk. He will be pumping during lectures at school as well and the Swedish channel will be documenting him. How would this ever work??

Gossip; Sex and the City, Chris Brown, Sarah Palin

4 09 2009

Sex and the City has already caused quite a stir in New York. The security is so big it looks like the president is in town. At 7 in the morning fans are already trampling each other to get closer to Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls. Cynthia Nixon even had to be helped to her trailer and scenes were canceled for the day after fans got into fights. Maybe that was because her beautiful!! girlfriend was on the scene as well with her, haha.

Chris Brown shows what an asshole he is by being pissed at Oprah for having a show dedicated to abused women in honor of Rihanna. He thinks it was a slap in the face because all the stuff he did for her like performing at her school in Africa. He thinks she could have been more helpful towards him. WTF??? This little guy’s ego is way too big , maybe cleaning the streets for a year helps him a bit.

Levi Johnston had a fashion shoot/interview with Vanity Fair and told some interesting things about the Palin family. Mommy and daddy Palin do nothing in the household, but let the kids do everything. There was a lot of talk of divorce between Sarah Palin and her husband. To make pregnant Bristol look better Sarah wanted to adopt the baby and raise it as their own. After the elections Sarah often said she should just quit being a Governor and take the money that was offered to her for other things. And that is exactly what she did.

Gossip; Britney, Lindsay, Amy, Chris Brown

26 08 2009

Amy Winehouse is suing her former mother-in-law Georgette for copyright infringement and wants 50.000 pounds. While former hubby Blake was in prison she used to write him love letter and mom got a hold of them and tried to sell them to the highest bidder. I dunno, it was a bad thing from mom to do but suing is a bit much.

Britney and her former lover/paparazzi Adnan Ghalib might still have a future together. Apparently if there would not have been a conservatorship they would still be a couple. Brit is still in love with the sleaze bag. She has a new boyfriend now but he is more pushed on my her daddy because he is such a good guy. And we all now Brit loves the bad ones!! I feel the crazies coming back to Britney really soon!!

All the secrets of Lindsay Lohan might be on the street soon. During the robbery of her house some very incriminating pictures and videos of her have been stolen along with legal documents that could cause great embarrassment. Poor girl.

Chris Brown got off really lucky in the sentencing of his beat-down of Rihanna. He only got 5 years of probation, 1400 hours of community service and a year of domestic abuse classes. Community service will be cleaning graffiti and washing cars in his home-state of Virginia. He should have gotten a lot more, Paris Hilton had to go to jail for driving without a valid license and he only gets probation. It’s not like this is his first time being violent.


19 07 2009

Janet Jackson splits up from her boyfriend from 7 years Jermaine Dupri. Citing there private and business lives were to entangled.

Bethenny Frankel from the Real Housewives of NYC gets her own reality show on Bravo called “Skinny and the city”. At least if she wins the court-case from a woman that already uses that name for her website and wants to sue Bravo if they keep using that title.

One of Octomom’s kids(a 2 year old) was in the hospital after accidentally swallowing a salt based solution. Those kids are destined to be in trouble sooner or later with that kind of mom.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were on a date again. Seems like they can;t be with or without another.

And Rihanna debuted a new look(again). She can totally get away with almost everything, but a shaved side is too much for every woman. First time in my opinion she totally missed the boat with her looks.