Gay news, Amsterdam number 1 in freedom, anti-gay christian leader caught with rentboy, Argentina gay marriage?, Evan Lysacek hurt by gay rumors

5 05 2010

Amsterdam is still the most “free” city under the most progressive ones in the world. Johannesburg , Goa, Bangkok, Rio, Vegas, San Francisco, London, Berlin and Amsterdam were tested on 7 pillars, like sexuality, religion, economy and law. Freedom of press and democracy are good here and the legal soft drugs, prostitution and gay marriage are also big plusses. Johannesburg closed the list.

George Alan Rekers is one of America’s most noted anti-gay activist. The religious leader is firmly against gay adoption and in favor of mental help to turn gays straight and is also one of the founders of the anti-gay Focus on the Family. He went to Europe for 10 days and took an escort who is on the gay site to come with him and was caught at the Miami airport. Rekers said he needed the escort to help him carry his luggage because he just had surgery. Haha. Why he was the one carrying all the luggage at the airport and rented a hooker he does not explain. What a fool.

Argentina’s House of Representatives(deputies) has passed a marriage equality bill today with 129-105 votes. Now it needs to get through the Senate where opposition is strong. Hope it will pass there as well though and then off the marriage for Argentinian gays.

Evan Lysacek explained why he reacted so strong against Johnny Weir last week. He was so upset and hurt about Johnny questioning Evan’s sexuality. Please, Lady. Get over it, you are a figure skater in sequined, rhinestoned Vera Wang costumes….

Gay news; Gay Prides in Rio and Taipeh, anti-gay airline SkyWest/Delta, gays not welcome in Vatican City

3 11 2009

This weekend saw two of the last Gay Prides of the year, in Rio and Taiwan. The people in attendance could not have been more different, 1 million in Rio and 25.000 in Taipeh. In Rio the mayor promised to spent more money then this years 100.000 dollars in Pride for its 15th year anniversary. The revenue for the city is 45 million, so a little more would not hurt!

The airlines SkyWest and Delta are being accused of anti-gay discrimination and might be sued. A man who works for SkyWest and was married to his partner in California during the time it was legal, is pissed because his partner does not get the same free fares as heterosexual spouses. SkyWest has refused comment so far but they better step up to the plate. It’s just absurd that in a job area with so many gay employees there would still be discrimination.

An area where it is not a big surprise that gays are discriminated is Vatican City. But the comments of bishop Janusz Kaleta are even for those standard pretty harsh. He thinks gays should not be allowed in Vatican City. Gays coming there is a provocation and an abuse of the place. Try to go to a mosque when you are not a Muslim(since when is that hard, btw???) he says and it’s unethical. What about gays that are religious, mr Kaleta?? The churches should be happy with everyone they can get their hands on in these times


Sport, Rio host of 2016 Olympics and Sharapova back on track

3 10 2009

Rio de Janeiro as a host for the Olympics 2016 was a great pick in my opinion. It was never before in South America, the people are crazy about sports and most of all it was the best of the candidates. Madrid only made it to the final 2 because of the plea from former IOC head Antonio Samaranch and Chicago was never a great candidate to begin with. The people from Chicago were not as much behind it as in Madrid or Rio and the U.S. had troubles hosting the Olympics in the past. Both Atlanta and Salt Lake City had their issues and were not a huge success. And Obama and Oprah Winfrey standing behind Chicago did not help either. Besides what does Oprah have to do with sport, she does not strike me as the athletic type. That she influenced who became President of the U.S. was bad enough as it is. The rest of the world luckily does not care much about what Oprah thinks.

Maria Sharapova won the big tournament in Tokyo beating Jelena Jankovic by retirement. A not so nice ending to a great week for her. Sharapova did not have to beat many top players herself to win her first tournament since her injury, but most of them were there anyway. Serena and Kim were the only top players not there in Japan. This week Sharapova showed back her old serve to great success. To help her shoulder she tried a new serving technique for a few months but with a lot of double faults and very little aces her serve became more of a liability then a weapon. Good decision to go back to the old serve. Slowly but steady 2010 seems to become a great and exciting season.