Gossip; Rosie split, Lindsay Lohan looking old, still mystery surrounding Gately’s death

22 10 2009

Rosie O’Donnel and her partner Kelli Carpenter have really broken up and already don’t live together for months. Kelli and their youngest daughter Vivienne(who Carpenter carried) live in a New York condo, while Rosie lives with other three adopted kids in Nyack. According to Rosie they will stay a family though and still love each other very much. Hope they patch things up. I like Rosie but living with her seems very difficult. 

I just saw some new pictures from Lindsay Lohan and the girl looks at least 15 years older than she is. The wrinkles the receding hairline, fake lips and the tired eyes. Same goes for her sister, that girl is 16 but looking 30. I think that all the partying and having a set of awful parents is catching up with those two. I bet both will use botox before they hit 25, they already could use it now!

After the funeral and good-bye parties everyone was waiting for the results of Stephen Gately’s will. His boyfriend will get 11 million now that he Stephen passed away!. Giorgi, the Bulgarian student both men took back to their hotel room says he is on-the-run for the press, but not before leaving a cryptic message. According to him the circumstances surrounding Gately’s death were a little bizarre. First they were partying , then they went back to the hotel, did not have sex, but what happened after that he can’t say except that is wasn’t normal. Mmmmm?