Olympics day 11, drama for Sven Kramer

24 02 2010

How unlucky was that. You are around 3 seconds faster than the number 2 at the time and seem to be easily cruising to a win and then your coach makes a mistake, thinks you are in the wrong lane and tells you to go and take the inner lane instead of the outer and you do just that because you only have a split-second to think. Just so sad and the Netherlands with 6.7 million people watching(around 2/5th of the population at 11 at night was mourning this. One of the darkest days in dutch sport. Feel not only sorry for Kramer but also his coach Kemkers. People saying he deserved this because he was rude to an american reporter after a win at the 5K are just ignorant. I think that if a dutch reporter would have asked Peyton Manning, minutes after winning the Super Bowl, if he would say his name and the sport he plays in the camera, I bet he would not have done that either. Korea’s Lee was handed the gold, silver for Skobrev and bronze for dutch De Jong.

At the biathlon it was time for the team relay and the German ladies were already handicapped before the event started. Two-time Gold medal winner at these Olympics, Magdalena Neuner, did not start because she was too tired after all her races. Germany won bronze anyway, behind Russia and France.

Americans not that bad

7 01 2010

The New York Times has an article titled “a Letter from London” in which an Englishman says americans are not that bad. And I have to agree with him. He noticed that people in the U.S. itself as well as U.S people traveling abroad had similar characteristics, being friendly and hospitable while they are typically described as loud and crass. I totally agree with him on that, I always have to get used to the rudeness and bad manners people in the Netherlands( and the rest of Europe) have compared to Americans after spending time across the Atlantic. People( me included after a while here) don’t wait for their turn when exiting, men don’t let woman go first, people in traffic are super selfish and the U.S rule on a crossroads where the first one there goes first would never work in Europe. I think people in the Netherlands themselves are finally realizing this a bit and hopefully learn a bit from the U.S behavior. ┬áNow if only some (mostly mid-western) folks that me and my american boyfriend meet across the globe would know a bit more about European geography and keep the God-loving talk to a minimum, they would be perfect!!