Sport, Rio host of 2016 Olympics and Sharapova back on track

3 10 2009

Rio de Janeiro as a host for the Olympics 2016 was a great pick in my opinion. It was never before in South America, the people are crazy about sports and most of all it was the best of the candidates. Madrid only made it to the final 2 because of the plea from former IOC head Antonio Samaranch and Chicago was never a great candidate to begin with. The people from Chicago were not as much behind it as in Madrid or Rio and the U.S. had troubles hosting the Olympics in the past. Both Atlanta and Salt Lake City had their issues and were not a huge success. And Obama and Oprah Winfrey standing behind Chicago did not help either. Besides what does Oprah have to do with sport, she does not strike me as the athletic type. That she influenced who became President of the U.S. was bad enough as it is. The rest of the world luckily does not care much about what Oprah thinks.

Maria Sharapova won the big tournament in Tokyo beating Jelena Jankovic by retirement. A not so nice ending to a great week for her. Sharapova did not have to beat many top players herself to win her first tournament since her injury, but most of them were there anyway. Serena and Kim were the only top players not there in Japan. This week Sharapova showed back her old serve to great success. To help her shoulder she tried a new serving technique for a few months but with a lot of double faults and very little aces her serve became more of a liability then a weapon. Good decision to go back to the old serve. Slowly but steady 2010 seems to become a great and exciting season.

Gay news; Catholics to fast against gay marriage, anti-gay assault in Hell’s Kitchen and justice in Salt Lake City

28 09 2009

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine is encouraging the State’s Catholics to take part in a 40-day prayer and fasting campaign to convince God to stop Gay Marriage. In the Netherlands the Catholic church would not even say things like that anymore for being ridiculed, the one in the U.S. seems as strict and anti-gay as the Vatican. I think that a God that made people gay, would want them to be able to get married.

In the Hell’s Kitchen area of NYC right in front of McCoys bar, a gay man and his friends were attacked in an anti-gay assault. A cigarette was thrown at them and when they turned around a man told them” Keep moving, Faggot”. words were exchanged and then the man threw one gay man against a car, denting it and punched another one a few times on his lip. That this happened in a gay-friendly part of Manhattan is a shock in itself but more so that the NYPD came and did nothing, no arrest not even taken the guy’s information. I knew cops all over the U.S treat gays badly but in Manhattan??

In Salt Lake City a gay man,D.J. Bell has been acquitted of burglary and kidnapping charges in a case jurors called a waste of time. Two kids age 2 and 4 came to their gay neighbors house because their Polynesian family Latu had a rowdy drunken party all night and the kids could not sleep and felt unsafe. When the family later found out that the kids were at the gay couple’s house, they severely beat up the gay couple. The defense team is now looking into filing charges against Bell’s attackers. It’s unbelievable this case even went to court, the Latu family should be going to jail themselves.

Gay news bites; Mormon kiss, Washington bigots win and more

31 07 2009

The government of Albania has proposed a law that would allow same -sex marriage. Prime minister Berisha said the law was an important move against discrimination. 14 years ago it was even punishable there. They take much bigger steps then the U.S. government.

Charges were dropped against the gay couple that was kissing at the Mormon owned square in Salt Lake City earlier this month. A video has also surfaced that shows the actions before and during the arrest.

Washington bigots for now won there lawsuit against the state of Washington in order to make sure names of people that signed a petition against domestic partnerships were not named. Ridiculous and unexpected. Stand up for being a bigot!

 Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin repeatedly asked the media not to cover his homophobic slurs during a media preview on Thursday. He said Hawaii opponents Notre Dame did this faggot dance at the banquet the night before the game. He apologized for the slurs and made clear he was not homophobic and hoped the media would not report it. Of course they did! Well, at least this guy knows he did something wrong right away.

Gay news

21 07 2009

It was Pink Monday again yesterday at one of the biggest carnival fairs in the Netherlands. Every year since 1990 Tilburg turns pink for 300.000 gays, drag queens and lesbians from all over Europe riding the swings and bumper cars. The theme this year was Be Gay for a day.

Gay and Mormons clashed at a third demonstration over the kiss at a Mormon owned square in Salt Lake City( I have reported about that before on this blog). According to the gays is was just a modest kiss and according to the Mormons it was lewd behavior. This was the third kiss-in that was organized by the gay community and 100 gays came to the square to protest. This time though the Mormons had some counter protesters that kept going on about that is was bad for kids to see gay people kissing. Kids don’t care about men kissing at all, as long as their parents talk about gays in a normal way.

A  gay teen was bullied at a 4H camp in Virginia while counsellors were outside at the porch and not checking in on the kids for the 1.5 hours the teasing went on. Feel sad for the 15y old kid. I was teased about my sexuality at about that age as well at school. It never made me cry but it did turn me from a sensitive and caring boy into a person with a shielded outlook that did not care about others at all for a few years.

Gay kissing in the US ends in handcuffs again

13 07 2009

And not in a good way… Two men were handcuffed and briefed last Thursday in Salt Lake City after kissing on a plaza owned by the Mormon church. WTF and why this happening in America. Of course the police and a church spokesperson act say it wasn’t because they were gay. I think everyone that knows the Mormon church knows better then that by now. The LGBT community held a kiss-in as a protest today at the Mormon owned Main Street Plaza.