Gossip/news, Paul the octopus was right, Joan Rivers/Lindsay’s ex Twitter war, Gayken single again, Enrique Iglesias naked?

12 07 2010

Unfortunately Paul, the octopus was right again. He has predicted all the matches for the German team right at this World Cup and also the final between the Netherlands and Spain. Spain won 1-0 after a mediocre played but very tense and exciting final. I think as most dutch people I watched the match at a soccer party/BBQ. It was fun and even though I am not a big soccer fan, I kinda enjoyed watching the final. Now I feel like eating calamari so I would not mind a piece of the fortune-teller. I bet Bobbi Eden, the dutch porn-star is secretly a little happy though, she does not have to blow her 23000 Twitter followers as she promised she would do if Holland won.

There is a Twitter bitch fight going on between Joan Rivers and Samantha Ronson, aka Lindsay Lohan’s ex. Joan made some funny jokes about Lindsay saying “Lindsay does not mind being under oath because she thinks Oath is a Norwegian ski instructor.” “Lindsay is so dumb she thinks being sworn in is cursing at the judge.” Ronson then said Joan’s collagen is older than Lindsay and that she should pick on people her own age.” Leave the funny to Joan, Samantha because you are not.

All fans of singer Clay Aiken should be happy because she is single again. He and his boyfriend of 2 years, Broadway actor Reed Kelly are now going their own way. Looks like Clay cheated. That is a surprise because who in their right mind would have sex with Clay. I would probably pick even Rush Limbaugh over Clay. Gayken has like zero sex appeal. He had a porn star and a Broadway actor. What is next, a hair dresser or a make-up artist??

Enrique Iglesias promised the BBC that if Spain would win the World Cup, he would get drunk and water ski naked in Biscayne Bay. Because that is what they always did when he was a kid. Hope he does it, then he can show if the rumors of him being small endowed are true or not. He is hot regardless.


19 07 2009

Janet Jackson splits up from her boyfriend from 7 years Jermaine Dupri. Citing there private and business lives were to entangled.

Bethenny Frankel from the Real Housewives of NYC gets her own reality show on Bravo called “Skinny and the city”. At least if she wins the court-case from a woman that already uses that name for her website and wants to sue Bravo if they keep using that title.

One of Octomom’s kids(a 2 year old) was in the hospital after accidentally swallowing a salt based solution. Those kids are destined to be in trouble sooner or later with that kind of mom.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were on a date again. Seems like they can;t be with or without another.

And Rihanna debuted a new look(again). She can totally get away with almost everything, but a shaved side is too much for every woman. First time in my opinion she totally missed the boat with her looks.