Gay news, Carrie Bradshaw not sexy, $20 mill for perez, Travolta baby, Bristil Palin for hire

20 05 2010

After last year being named the least sexy woman in the world, this year Pincer Wodka did a poll under man who from Sex and The City they would like to sleep with. Number one was Charlotte, number 2 Samantha, 3 Miranda and 4 Carrie. She sure is not sexy imo either, but it is not that bad… Probably too scrawny and whiney.

Perez Hilton apparently got an offer from Avid Live Media and 2 other gossip bloggers to take over his website for $20 million. $18 million up front and $2 million in escrow over a year. Perez’s role himself in the new project is unknown. Last year the site was already worth $34 million but I would still take the money.

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston, 47, are expecting their third child. She is a little old imo but after the tragedy last year when they lost their 16-year old son Jett  and last week when they lost 2 of their dogs in a freak accident, it is great they have a little happiness coming soon.

It should not get any weirder than this. Bristol Palin signed up to get work as a guest speaker. She wants to talk about abstinence, youth, and pro-life and wants $15-25 thousand for 1 appearance. So getting banged and unwanted pregnancies makes people qualified to be a speaker on important issues.

Gossip; Kathy Griffin’s, Piven’s tits, Slade Smiley a loser, Obama likes Carry Bradshaw

4 11 2009

Kathy Griffin gets a new show on ABC called Let’s Dance. It’s a show where famous people re-enacting famous dance routines from movies or clips. Think Regis and Kelly doing Grease, Ryan Seacrest doing Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan doing Michael Jackson. It just aired in the Netherlands with a ton of big stars and it was a huge success all for charity. I like it much better then Dancing with the Stars. The success in the U.S. all depends on how big the stars are Kathy’s show will get.

First Jeremy Piven cancelled Broadway shows because he ate too much sushi and had mercury poisoning. Now he claims to have been drinking too much soya milk which has a lot of estrogen in it and that made him grow bitch tits. He sure had some saggy tits last time I saw him. I think he is just making these things up.

Slade Smiley from the Real Housewives, who according to himself was a millionaire and had the potential to make gazillions of dollars is being sued by his ex-wife for $80.000 in child support he did not pay for his sick 9-year old son Grayson( who he hasn’t  seen in 1.5 years). Slade says he is unemployed and has no money. What a douche, maybe his lover Gretchen can give him some of the money she got from her dead sugar daddy.

Obama has selected Sarah Jessica Parker, Edward Norton and Forest Whitaker for a committee to promote arts and science. It will try to connect to U.S to other countries in the world in cultural engagements. Michelle Obama is the head of the committee. Interesting choices and a good idea.


Gossip; Renee Zellweger no real Bridget Jones, Mike Seaver a bit crazy and fights on the Sex and the City-set

26 09 2009

I am not at all a big fan of Renee Zellweger but as Bridget Jones she did a good job in the past. For the new Bridget Jones movie though she does not wanna gain weight again like she did the other 2 times. She will be wearing a fat suit, how lame!!!. As a reason her publicist says that losing the weight was hard the second time and it’s bad for the body. Well, at least she already has a bloated puffy face so that makes it easier to believe. 

Kirk Cameron, aka Mike Seaver from “Growing Pains” used to melt many girls and guys’ hearts during his sitcom days. My boyfriend actually had a big crush on him back in the day. As cute as he was then, now everything that comes out of his mouth is a lot less hot. I knew he was a christian fanatic but the things he said the past week where just ridiculous. First he wants to go and  crusade at schools that teach evolution because it’s wrong and he calls Darwin a vagina-hater and a racist. He also says Hitler’s actions were inspired by Darwin. Somebody sure looks a lot better with his mouth closed.

Apparently the Sex and the City set is not all fun and games. According to reports Sarah Jessica Parker(Carrie) and Kim Cattrall(Samantha) still dislike each other and so much that they refuse to talk to each other on the set leaving everyone uncomfortable. Both are really stressed, SJP because of her young son and baby twins at home. It’s always hard to believe that people playing best friends in a show hate each other that much.

Gossip; Sex and the City, Chris Brown, Sarah Palin

4 09 2009

Sex and the City has already caused quite a stir in New York. The security is so big it looks like the president is in town. At 7 in the morning fans are already trampling each other to get closer to Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls. Cynthia Nixon even had to be helped to her trailer and scenes were canceled for the day after fans got into fights. Maybe that was because her beautiful!! girlfriend was on the scene as well with her, haha.

Chris Brown shows what an asshole he is by being pissed at Oprah for having a show dedicated to abused women in honor of Rihanna. He thinks it was a slap in the face because all the stuff he did for her like performing at her school in Africa. He thinks she could have been more helpful towards him. WTF??? This little guy’s ego is way too big , maybe cleaning the streets for a year helps him a bit.

Levi Johnston had a fashion shoot/interview with Vanity Fair and told some interesting things about the Palin family. Mommy and daddy Palin do nothing in the household, but let the kids do everything. There was a lot of talk of divorce between Sarah Palin and her husband. To make pregnant Bristol look better Sarah wanted to adopt the baby and raise it as their own. After the elections Sarah often said she should just quit being a Governor and take the money that was offered to her for other things. And that is exactly what she did.

Gossip; Sex and the City, Madonna, Kevin Federline

2 09 2009

The second film of Sex and the City has just started filming in New York. I can’t wait until it comes out. In the meantime I have bought the box with all the season to tie me over. Just started with season one and the first thing that strikes me is how old Sarah Jessica Parker looks now compared to season 1( at least she keep is natural and that is a huge plus in Hollywood now)Same goes for Will& Grace, both Jack en Will did not age well.

Speaking of which, Madonna is really overdoing it with the exercise. Her body is so ripped it’s all muscles and veins. Not attractive for a woman. She fainted during her concert yesterday, once on stage and once off. According to sources it;s because of exhaustion. I also saw a report that she plans to run the six-day marathon des Sables in Morocco in April. Lady, you are in your 50’s , some things are just not good for a woman of a certain age.

I saw new pictures of a semi-naked Kevin Federline and he looks like a cast-member of Roseanne. I knew he had gained a lot but seeing him in his swimming trunks just shocked the hell out of me. How can someone who is reasonably thin become obese in 2/3 years??. Gross and extremely unhealthy.


31 07 2009

Police chiefs Barry Carpenter and Chad Dojack were arrested for trying to break into the home of Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate last month. A third man, the son of a major in Ohio was also booked. What a bunch of idiots. Hope they go to jail for a long time.

I wish I was in New York right now because there will be an open casting for the next Sex and the City movie Tuesday august 4 between 1.30-4 for non-actors. First the casting for the gay movie from my favorite blogger/author Jesse Archer and now this. Why are there never great castings like this when I am in New York?

According to Joe Jackson Omer Bhatti, a Norwegian dancer,is indeed the son of Michael. Omer has denied it himself and Joe Jackson does not seem really reliable, but he does look a bit like a Jackson and he was seated at the front row at the funeral.

After the first rumors that Abba was gonna make a comeback in London to fill up the concert spaces left after Michael Jackson’s passing, now the rumors go that it will be both Robbie Williams and Whitney Houston. I doubt they can fill 50 days and Whitney is not really a big concert singer but we will see. It’s a nice combo.

Carry Prejean is suing the Miss California organization as well as Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler(pageant organizers) for slander, religious discrimination, libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress. I think the bitch just wants money and publicity.

And Britney Spears is spotted back behind the wheels. She hasn’t been seen driving in over a year. With some Starbucks in hand, rough looking dark weave and the crazies back in her eyes, this is looking not too well. Why is she drinking caffeine period??; not the best thing while having mental issues.





25 06 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins were born, 2 girls, named Marion and Tabitha. I like the first name and hate the second. Did they name her after the woman from Bravo’s Tabitha’ salon make-over?? Hope she turns out a little better looking then her.

Ricky Martin now denies having said his heart could belong to a man or a woman. Please, girl, we all now the truth, it;s just to a man!! Who is he fooling??

Martina Navratilova is going through another messy break up and divorce. She forcibly removed longtime partner Tony Layton from their shared residence and denied Layton access to her belongings. Apparently it promises to be a messy divorce. I hope it will be all OK for Martina. I met her once and she seems like a great lady.


19 06 2009

I feel bad for Sarah Jessica Parker. Apparently police chefs were in on a plot from burglars who were hunting for voice mail messages in the house of the surrogate mother of her soon the be twins. Can’t trust the cops that did it, so maybe not the ones doing the investigation either. That is just a shitty thing to do.

I hope he can pull it off for his fans, but I have strong doubt Michael Jackson will finish(or even start) all of his 50 upcoming concerts in London’s O2 arena. He just seems too unhealthy and fragile.

Ricky Martin came half “out of the closet” by saying his heart could belong to a man or a woman. Was there anybody out there that still thought he was straight????

All the drama with the Real Housewives of New Jersey!!! The finale ending with one woman calling the other a whore and throwing over a dinner table in a restaurant. Wow, too bad I could only see that little clip. Would have loved the whole series. But in the Netherlands it;s not obviously not right now on TV and people can;t watch clips from Bravo out of another country. Sucks!! I loved the whole housewives franchise, especially OC with Gretchen/Tamra fights, New York with Bethenny and Kelly, and Ramona and Jill and and… They had a lot of fights with one another. And of course Atlanta, with Nene and Kim. Wow, just typing about it makes me miss Bravo!! Luckily my sister-in-law fills me in sometime on all the drama.