Gay news, Gay Rights ranking Europe, Zimbabwe arrests, John McCain and the gays

26 05 2010

The International Gay and Lesbian Association has released its Rainbow Europe County Index on how legislation affects LGBT people. Sweden is number 1 followed by Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain. Those 4 have anti-discrimination laws not enshrined in the constitution, like Sweden(but they do mostly use it) From the EU, Cyprus, Latvia and Poland not good and finished last. From non EU countries Turkey, Russia and Ukraine did bad.

Two members of a Zimbabwe Gay organization have been arrested. At first the government and police said it was because of drugs and porn but yesterday it was made clear they got a letter from former SF mayor Brown that was critical about that monster of a President Mugabe. Mugabe described gays as less than pigs and dogs. The 2 men are still in jail, hopefully unharmed…

Senator John McCain is anti gay marriage, opposes gay adoption, against gays in the military and against ENDA(discrimination against gays in workplace). On the other hand his wife has been a vocal supporter of gay marriage, his daughter is super pro-gay and now he hired a gay man, Mark Buse to run his campaign for re-election of Senator from Arizona. He should listen to his inner circle more.

NY Pride will be shorter than ever in a cost-cutting measure by the NYPD. It will go from 36/5th instead of 52/5th but still ends in Christopher Street. Apparently the same thing will happen to all parades in NY. I think it is totally fine, more crowd on a denser area and less to walk for the marcher in the (maybe) heat.

Gay news, Havana/Minsk-pride, big difference conservatives in GB and US, Burial bill likely vetoed in Minnesota, retarded DADT statement

16 05 2010

Gay pride in Havana, Cuba was a huge success, hundreds paraded violent-free in drag and with flags. One of them was the daughter of the president Raul Castro, Mariela a long-time LGBT advocate. The Slavic Pride in Minsk was anything but a success though. The 40 brave participants saw some journalist and TV crew but did not get any further then 300 meters after which riot police arrested the gay men violently. There were also tons of counter-protesters, mostly skinheads who were throwing eggs.

It is interesting that the conservative party in Great Britain, the Tories have eleven openly gay members in parliament and nine in the glass closet. One is a lesbian and 2 are even ministers, the party is proud of that. Compare that to the US where there are zero . U.S has a long way to go in that regard.

A bill that passed the senate in Minnesota giving gays the same end of life rights as straights will likely be vetoes by the Republican governor Tim Pawlenty. According to him the bill in unnecessary and will stoke up the fire on a hot button issue. Unbelievable people believe gays have not the same rights hen it comes to burying their partner.

According to James Inhofe, Oklahoma Senator and Armed Service Committee member soldiers are unwilling to fight for lesbians and gay soldiers also in the line of fire. According to him soldiers are doing it for the man in the next foxhole and if that man is gays they would not want to anymore. How bigoted and foolish. Why does it work OK in Britain, the Netherlands and Israel then???

Gay News, elections gone sour, homophobe soccer player fired, teacher suspended after teaching class about homosexuality in animal kingdom

4 11 2009

Except for a few highlights, a lesbian woman won the race for mayor of Houston, Texas and the passing of the anti-discrimination law against LGBT people in Kalamazoo for gays yesterday’s election was a big disappointment. The biggest one in Maine where marriage equality was voted against with a 5.4% margin. I was really hoping that a blue state like Maine on the east coast would vote in favor of equality but apparently the majority of U.S. people just don’t think gays deserve equal rights. Other disappointments were the election of homophobe Ken Cuccinelli as attorney general of Virginia, a man who called homosexual acts unhealthy and wrong and the win of anti-gay New Jersey senator Chris Christie. Shame on you voters!!

In Denmark they show how you treat homophobes. FC Midtjylland fired its star goalie Arek Onyszko after his book called “Fucking Polack” was released. In that book the polish(surprise, surprise) player says he hates gays, thinks they are disgusting and likened them to vomit. The man assaulted his ex-wife before and went to prison for it. So his comments that his catholic beliefs prohibit him from accepting gays flies out of the window with that. I think religion also does not favor beating up your wife. Like many christians all over the world he uses religion just as he pleases.

A teacher at Southwestern High School in Piasa, Illinois has been suspended for assigning his class an article about homosexuality in the animal kingdom. According to the school it wasn’t age appropriate for high school(yeah right) The teacher ,who is straight by the way with kids, even gave the free option for kids to use the article or not. During his hearing this week many people showed up to support him and eventually the school “only” gave him a warning. It’s a known fact that there is homosexuality and even transsexuality(with shrimp to mate) in the animal life. Why is that too much for 12-16 year old kids to read or know.



Gay news, Bush not as anti-gay as presumed, former gay vultures get chickens, reading Playboy makes you gay

22 09 2009

George Bush’s speech-writer has written a tell-all about his time for Bush and according to him the following took place. At a speech in 2008 Ed Gillespie wanted to insert a few lines condemning gay marriage and Bush refused telling him “I’m not gonna tell some gay kid in the audience that he can’t get married”. I always thought that Bush wasn’t that anti-gay but just did what he thought others in the Republican Party wanted him to say. Of course this doesn’t change that he won his 2004 election saying he was against gay marriage and that he was a terrible President. This though, puts him in a tiny bit of a better light for me.

Two male vultures at Jerusalem Biblical Zoo made headlines ten years ago with their gay romance. They even built a joined nest and the Zoo gave them an egg and later a baby vulture to raise. One of them fell in love with a female later on and left the other one depressed. The other eventually went to another zoo were he also met a female. A weird coincidence happened a while back though. Their spouses laid an egg on the same day, the eggs got hatched on the same day and the chick were exactly the same size. Chicks weigh in between 120 and 200 grams and the zoo’s have never before seen chicks with exactly the same size. Kinda sweet and bizarre.

According to Michael Schwartz, a chief of staff for Senator Tom Coburn, reading playboy can make you gay. He spoke at the Value Voters Summit, aka Bigot Club. Schwartz¬†says that all pornography is gay pornography because it turns your sexual drive inwards. So you gotta tell that to your 11-year-old and then he does not wanna read it anymore to afraid to become gay. And he finished with that if it doesn’t make you gay, it will at least make you less capable of loving your wife. WTF!!! Talking about gay marriage to kids under 16 they find offensive but this is fine to an 11-year old?? I do remember sometimes snooping in Playboy though when I was around the age of 11 so maybe that did make me gay, haha!! No nature or nurture, it’s all about Playboy.

Tennessee state Senator in blackmail sex scandal

23 07 2009

Paul Stanley who according to himself is a “family values” guy( married with to children) and has voted against gay adoptions was being blackmailed by the boyfriend of his mistress, a 22-year-old intern. Joel Watts found pornographic pictures from his girlfriend taken at Stanley’s house. After demanding $10.000 t0 keep quiet, Stanley went to the FBI and they set up Watts. What guy with any values does this, let alone family values. Poor wife and kids.