GLBT NEWS over the world; lesbian in tux can’t get into year book, intersexed people in Aus. registered as sex-offenders to get meds, in Uganda gays get death penalty?

17 10 2009

A lesbian high school student is banned from her yearbook because she wore a tuxedo. The school in Wesson, Mississippi told Ceare¬†Sturgis that her attire was inappropriate for her gender. The girl never wears girls clothes and felt horrible in a dress so she just decided to dress the way she is. In previous yearbooks of the school there had been cross-dressing by straight students and that was deemed fine, but a lesbian in a tux is just too much for them. ACLU has decided to take on the girl’s case against the school.

In Australia intersexed people have to join a sex offender list to get the medication they need. The health care policy only gives an anti-androgen medication to sex offenders and people with prostate cancer. Female-identified transsexuals that try the meds to suppress their male hormones have to join the list as well. What a ridiculous rule, as if those people don’t have a hard time enough on itself without being on a sex-offender list.

In Uganda a politician has proposed legislation that would make homosexuality on offense punishable by death. It’s already illegal in Uganda but this politician thinks harder laws need to be made. The bill does not only outlaw gay sex but also criminalize all advocacy of gay rights and family and friends of gays and lesbians that don’t report their loved ones to authorities should be punished as well. Sounds like Nazi Germany.

British woman done with sausage after seeing peen

3 09 2009

 54-year old Denise Woodard saw her neighbor playing with his penis in his backyard and that got her off men and sausages forever. Denise is fat, old, ugly, with glasses and extreme bushy eyebrows so I think the men are happy!! She saw this first back in 2008 and after she complained police put surveillance cameras and caught the man soon after. He was jailed for six weeks and is for 7 years on a sex offender list. And his wife left him. A little much for just some jerking off in your own backyard. Miss Woodard says she is on anti-depressants and sleeping pills after seeing this. Ok???