Grandpa loves his La-Z-Boy

26 06 2010

He can sleep in it whenever/where ever. Pretty funny clip, love the finger the driver gives.

Priest falls asleep during suicide call

14 04 2010

A suicidal 44-year old man from Sweden got all of his strength together to make a phone call to a priest to help him get off the idea of suicide. It was the middle of the night and the man first heard that the priest starting yawning, followed by silence in which he thought the priest was making notes but is was followed by snoring. He woke the priest up but 5 minutes later the same happened. The woman from the hotline that dials the people through too pastors is obviously upset about the whole thing.

Air traveler wakes up in hangar

10 04 2010

A British professor had to go to Vancouver for an important conference. That is a long flight( I know). It takes 22 hours. The man did everything to stay awake for the transfer at Heathrow but after take-off there he fell in a deep sleep and get up until a technician woke him 1.5 hours after his flight landed in a hangar in Vancouver. The crew apologized and said they were too busy getting people with wheel chairs of the plane. Lame excuse(probably BA). I have unfortunately never been able to sleep even a second on intercontinental flight even if it means being up for over 40 hours so I cannot really relate to the poor guy. I wish I was him sometimes, haha.

Gossip news; Rosie/Donald Trump, Chloe Sevigny critiques Big Love, Joan Collins snorted coke, Jesse James/Sandra Bullock

28 03 2010

Donald Trump did what he likes to do best last week, dissing Rosie. After hearing about her new TV -show he said: ” She is a loser. Her other shows did not do well and this one won’t do well. Everything she touches is a failure, she is a failure. He is the loser, Rosie’s shows have done great in the past, her talk-show was a hit as well as her stint of the View.

Chloe Sevigny aka Nicky Grant on Big Love has had some serious critique on her own  HBO show. She says she loves her show and character but thought they squished too much in 9 episodes this season and did not like how some things were too far-fetched and it was a bit like a tele-novelle. As much as I liked the show i agree with Chloe, the other season were better. Still this season was very good, the standard was just set super high in the first season.

Joan Collins admitted to using coke in the past, but she did not like it. It was 26 years ago and she says she was pressured into it. She did not sleep for the next 48 hours??(wasn’t it meth) and has since never used drugs anymore.

More and more dirt comes out about Jesse James, also that he collected Nazi-memorabilia. I know Sandra Bullock is America’s sweetheart etc, but did she really not know any of this. I though she was a smart worldly woman, but not knowing any of this like people claim seems strange to me. He might have been a superb liar and hider though.

Gossip; Kerry katona suicide threats, Scissor Sister in dirty Berlin and women prefer water over sex

31 08 2009

Kerry Katona has threatened to kill herself after a tumultuous week in which her step-sister talked about her drug-abused nose troubles and Kerry ended up in jail for 8 hours after hurling tea at her accountant. She sobbed so hard her kids woke up and her husband took her to a remote hotel to calm down. I think this woman needs some serious mental help and rehab. Otherwise I see a real suicide happening soon.

Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters, a fantastic flamboyant U.S. band that has had number 1 hits in both the U.K and the Netherlands, talks about their new album in Q magazine. He fell in love with dance music again while being in Berlin for three months, took a lot of drugs and visited the most outrageous sex-parties. Can’t wait now for their album and I have to agree with Jake. If there is one city in the world sleazy and debaucherous it’s Berlin. And I mean that in a positive way!!

Women prefer water over sex!!. According to a survey in a women’s magazine about their priorities, sleep, healthy eating, exercise, minimized stress, relaxation and drinking enough water were more important for their well-being then having a good sex life. I guess there were not a lot of Samantha Jones types  in the survey.