Wimbledon final Zvonareva-S.Williams

2 07 2010

Serena Williams in the final of Wimbledon is about as expected as anyone ever, just like maybe Martina Navratilova in her hey-day or Steffi. Vera Z. on the other hand is a huge surprise. I have always thought she has major potential. Great groundstrokes,good service, great feel for the ball, moves well .Except mentally it just never came together .Until this fortnight at Wimbledon that is. Her being there tomorrow on Centre Court is about as big of a surprise as  my fav Francesca Schiavone was at Roland Garros, really out of the blue, but both capable players. I like Vera a lot and seen her play often too, in Stanford, the U.S Open en Charleston and she is so entertaining to watch. Her opponent yesterday Pironkova played a great first set winning 6-3, but then it was over and she made too many mistakes. Zvonareva played super solid again like against Kimmie and won the last 2 sets 6-3 6-2. Serena made an end to the fairytale of young Czech Kvitova winning 7-6 6-2. Kvitova played a great first set though and shows there is much for her in store in the future. I think Serena will win tomorrow but if Vera keeps her nerves under control it might be a tight match.

Other news yesterday showed that the fall Justine Henin suffered against Kim in the quarter-final was a lot worse than first expected. She tore something in her elbow and it out for 2 months meaning she also misses the U.S Open and the Battle of the Belgians next week. This was gonna be the tennis match with the most spectators in history and now she is being replaced by Serena Williams and will be called Battle of the World. Hope and think people will still show up and hope Justine heals quickly. I love seeing her play.Serena WilliamsZvonareva-Dementieva in Charleston

Yes!!!! Francesca Schiavone wins Roland Garros

5 06 2010

What a surprise!! I had been a fan since I first saw her play  6 years ago at the tennis tournament in Stanford, CAFran Schiavone but never expected her to win a grandslam tournament. Schiavone played a great match winning 6-4 7-6 against Sam Stosur. It was their first slam final but they did not start nervous. With great spin and slice they made it a great fight. The difference probably was mental, Schiavone is just a little stronger in that area and she excelled in the tie-break. Super happy about this.

Gayest news of the month

3 10 2009

 Gay icon Liza Minelli will be performing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” at the gay wedding of Stanford and Anthony(Mario Cantone) in the new ‘Sex and the City” movie. You can’t get it much gayer then that, people.

Sex and the city spoilers/gossip

11 09 2009

I have a few Sex and the City spoilers for you guys. So if you do not wanna know what’s going to happen, don’t read any further. Carrie’s gay friend Stanford and Charlotte’s gay friend Anthony are gonna get married. This kind of bugs me because even though I know straight girls love to see these two together, I can’t see it. They both look like queeny bottoms so not a good match. Then again Stanford has always had more  feminine-acting  partners. The ballet dancer and the guy that collected dolls. Anthony though, would never pick Stanford. I saw the guy that plays Anthony, Mario Cantone, this year on Broadway with is comedy routine and he is hilarious. Another spoiler is the girls go back to the 80’s where Carrie is dressed like Madonna, Samantha is dressed as Dee Snider from Twisted Sister  and Miranda channels her inner Sally Jesse Raphael sans glasses. And the most revealing story line is that Big is gonna move to London after losing tons of money through the recession and has an affair with a woman there and after Carrie break up with him she finds out  that she is pregnant. Wow.

Sport, gay and gossip news

3 08 2009

The tennis tournament in Stanford was not won by a Williams but by hefty french woman Marion Bartoli. After Serena Williams already lost in the quarterfinals to Samantha Stosur, Bartoli took care after Jelena Jankovic in the quarter-finals and Venus Williams in the final with 6-2 5-7 6-4. Bartoli played a terrific match and is surprisingly quick with her hands but Venus made 59 unforced errors and that is obviously way too much. Outside of Wimbledon the Williams sisters are just not the same.

During gay pride in Amsterdam five American-Dutch gay couples were married by mayor Cohen. All five couples had at least one living in New York and the marriages were partly done as a criticism against some U.S states like New York that don’t allow same-sex marriage. I knew about this for a few months and always thought it was a great idea. Could have been me and my boyfriend. We would have fit the criteria perfectly. Maybe next year, but hopefully things in New York have changed by then for gay couples.

On Perez Hilton you can read a sneak-peek of the first book by Kathy Griffin, named ‘Official Book Club Selection’. She rips Oprah Winfrey apart in her familiar ways in her foreword and if this is any sign of the rest of the book it will be hilarious and I can’t wait to read it! Nobody is funnier then Kathy in my opinion.

Marion Bartoli

Marion Bartoli

Sports; swimming, tennis

31 07 2009

The world championships swimming surely are a feast for the eyes. First there is the mostly semi-nude audience of a lot of other swimmers that the camera’s show before the race and then the swimmers themselves. Best bodies from all sports in my opinion. Of course the sport on itself is great for TV and super exciting, but swimmers like Americans Ryan Lochte, Eric Shanteau(cancer survivor) and French sprinters Alain Bernard and Frederick Bousquet make it even better.

The US open series Tennis have started this week with one of my favorite tournaments in the world, the one in Stanford, Ca. I have been to that tournament a couple years in a row when I was still living in the Bay Area. It has a great atmosphere, you can be very close to the players and the vicinity is beautiful as well. But most importantly the player’s entry list is every year pretty spectacular. One of the Williams sisters generally cancels this tournament at the last minute but this year both are here and already in the quarter-finals. The other six are Elena Dementieva, Maria Sharapova, Marion Bartoli, Jelena Jankovic, Sam

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

 Stosur and Daniela Hantuchova. That would be a great final eight for any slam let alone a smaller tournament like this.