Gay news, gay attack Staten Island, gay/celebrities, Latvia not in EU anymore?

11 07 2010

A gay couple was harassed by a couple of teenagers Wednesday at a White Castle restaurant in Staten Island. A group came in and when one of the guys looked at the group they told him:” What are you looking at fag.” When the gay guy replied: What are you looking at,” the group left. A few moments later one of them felt a bob to the head and they quickly ran out. Outside they got separated and one guy got hit and was semi-conscious and bleeding. He needed stitches at the hospital. Hope the cops found the fuckers.

Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, says she is a gay man in a woman’s body. That is why she loves fashion, glamour and Lady Gaga. So David Beckham is partly gay, haha. One can dream. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo gets more and more gay rumors as well. The purses, baby through a surrogate, painted toenails, and now dinners with Lance Bass. I dunno ,probably just very metrosexual.

A European Parliament’s member from Democrats’66(my party) thinks that Latvia should be dismissed as a member of the EU for their anti-gay law. Great idea, but I think it would be better to let the whole EU go.

In 2009 there were 43% more complaints about gay discrimination than in 2008. By far the most is in Amsterdam( and you know who does it) Police does not know if it really increased this much or that people find filing a complaint easier. Probably a bit of both. Bad news though, Amsterdam with the closing of the mayor discos like Exit, Cockring etc and violence like this is really losing its gays capital title very fast. Berlin and Paris are already much better in Europe.

GLBT News; Staten Island gay bar, homophobia in basketball

20 08 2009

Staten Island will get it’s first gay nightclub in over a decade. Q-SINY’s owners say they started the club after many local LGBT people complained there was nothing for them to do on Staten Island. It is strange that for the half a million people living in Staten Island there was not a place to dance and party for gays. Probably they previously all went to Manhattan with the ferry.

The Ali Forney center, a homeless shelter for LGBT youth will name one of its residences for the fabulous late Bea Arthur(Golden Girls). Bea Arthur was very involved in many youth centers in the U.S but especially those for gay kids. She flew from LA to New York in 2005 to give a one-woman show raising $40.000. She truly was a legend in more was a legend in more ways then one

Just yesterday I wrote about how nice it would be if men from the big sports in the U.S would be as gay-friendly as they are  in Australia or Europe and what happened?? Washington Wizards center Brandon Haywood has reignited a conversation about homophobia in basketball yet again. He made fun of another player’s YouTube clip insinuating the player might be gay or bi and nobody in the basketball world would wanna change in the dressing room next to that guy. Later on he wanted to make clear he was no Tim Hardaway(player who used some really anti-gay speech last year) but clearly he is about the same. Why do these African American players keep being so homophobic. Can you imagine the outrage if a white player would say he was uncomfortable being in the same locker room with a black guy?