Colorado leanest state

6 07 2010

Colorado has the lowest obesity rate of any state in the U.S, it is “only” 19%. Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama and surrounding states had the highest rate. Average is in between 25-30%. Back in 1991 no state was higher than 20!!! U.S is getting fatter and fatter. Most of my in-laws from Colorado are skinny actually so I am not surprised.

Guess not everyone eat bull testicles all the time


Snow in 49 of 50 U.S states

13 02 2010

Almost all U.S states have snow this weekend. Only in tropical Hawaii there is none. It is so rare that all states have snow that experts can’t see this ever happened before. Even in Florida there was enough snow to make a snowball and that was enough to make it the 49th white state. Weirdly enough the northern parts of the U.S actually have less snow than normal(Canada as well) It is possible that there will be snow in all states, on the top of Hawaii’s highest volcano there has been snow in the past. That would be something!