Sweet moms

31 08 2010

(1) Ranay Collins, 49, was arrested in Las Vegas in June and charged with beating her 16-year-old daughter with a cane. The arresting officer quoted Collins’ explanation: “That (expletive) owes me $50 for rent.”

(2) Police arrested Christina Muniz, 29, in Surprise, Arizona, in June, after being summoned to the home by Muniz’s son, 11. Muniz had just informed the boy and his brother, 6, that she was abandoning them to move to California with her boyfriend to fulfill her dream of becoming a stripper. With police watching, the older boy approached Muniz for a hug, but Muniz slugged him in the stomach.”


11 08 2009

Kathy Griffin took a very surprising guest with her as her date to the Teen Choice Award. The ex of Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston. Kathy says age is just a number and they have been dating for a while. Which is hard with him being in an igloo and herself living in a Hollywood Tower according to Kathy. She sure knows how to create some controversy. Would it not be funny if they got married and became baby Palin’s stepmom??.

During those same Teen Choice Awards there was this great moment where comedian Dane Cook tells the audience this night is all about Vanessa Hudgens. She gets all excited, makes herself known and then Cook adopts a female voice and says. “Gurl, you gots to keep yo clothes on, phones are for phone calls, gurl”. The look on Vanessa’s face is priceless. Look it up on youtube.

Actress Jaime Pressly was seen peeing outside of gay bar the Abbey in Los Angeles this weekend in broad daylight. According to several sources the ‘My Name is Earl Actress’ was super drunk, stumbled outside and squatted  down on the sidewalk. After pics started to surface later  she herself claimed it was a bet and she just emptied a water bottle behind her back. Don;t know what to believe here. I had my intoxicated toilet moments outside before, but never with so many people watching, so I’m guessing Jaime is telling the truth.

Some very sexy pictures have surfaced from actor Channing Tatum before he became a big movie star. He used to work for a Chippendales-style revue called Male Encounters in the late 90’s, back in Florida. According to the owner he was a huge hit with the ladies back then already. Nothing for him to be ashamed of, the pics look amazing.


7 08 2009

Miley Cyrus’ stalker Mark McLeod was arrested again for stalking Miley on the set of her new movie. The guy is 54 years old and really really creepy. He also said the two of them were meant to be together and he was gonna make her his bride. His house looks like something out of the 19th century so tiny. 

New Real Housewives of Atlanta drama. According to the bewigged Kim Zolciak, she was strangled and choked twice by her nemisis on the show Nene Leakes.The Bravo network wanted them to work through their issues but instead it became war. According to Nene these are all lies. Kim filed a police report but she did not put a restraining order on Nene because that would screw up the filming of their show. Wow, Kim is a real pro!! I would be careful though if I was her, Nene could take down a professional cage-fighter by the looks of her. But both women are great forV T and hilarious!

The new Sherlock Holmes movie directed by Guy Ritchie and with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. has severe gay undertones. Holmes and his help share the same bed, wrestle a lot together and are room-mates. Curious how the audiences will like this.

An Australian stripper that was hired for a bachelor party and ended up fucking the groom with a strap-on was found not guilty of rape. The guy says his friends pressured him to sit on a chair where later the woman pushed the strap-on in the guy’s hole. She said is was an accident and all in good fun, the groom could not laugh about it though.