Gossip; Suzanne Somers is anti-chemo, Will Smith is in denial, Elton could become Lev’s guardian

19 09 2009

Suzanne Somers made a ridiculous and in my opinion dangerous comment on the death of Patrick Swayze. According to her ‘poison destroyed this beautiful man and he should have just had better nutrition instead of chemo’. In the Netherlands there is a famous case of a celebrity who refused chemo because some spiritual person said it as only an infection. And there are more examples like this. I think feeding these ideas to people is dangerous. I guess most sane people would get the chemo anyway. It has cured many people.

It seems like Will Smith and his wife Jada are in deep denial. First there are numerous allegations about their sexual orientation (like other Scientology members Tom Cruise and John Travolta) But now even though he keeps denying being a member of Scientology, he donated $122.000 to them last year. A little strange if you are not a member. I personally think Will Smith has a lot of skeletons in his closet but is too afraid of what it will do to his image/career. I personally don’t care one way or the other about Scientology. The only thing I know about them is that I took an IQ test in their center in LA once and scored 130!! In english!! Maybe they just improved the score a bit to make me like them more, but it made my day.

There is a chance for Elton John to be with baby Lev anyway now after first being denied. It would have to be as a guardian in which Elton can invite the boy, his mother and his brother to stay with him in England. The mother would still have the first rights but Elton could take him under his wings. Guess the Ukraine got sick of the bad press they were getting after banning Elton from adopting. Seems difficult, if I was Elton I would think twice about it.