Gay news, no civil partnership Hawaii,Kylie wins gay prize, end to EU gay blood ban? Gay Pride Jerusalem, She’s back!!!

7 07 2010

Republican Governor Linda Lingle from Hawaii vetoed a bill yesterday that would have allowed same-sex civil unions in that state. Because Lingle invited Justice Steven Levinson, who back in 1993 found that the law banning gay marriage was unconstitutional, people expected she would sign the bill in favor of the civil unions. She thinks the bill is too similar to marriage though and that is only allowed for twice-divorced bitches like Lingle herself. Bigots were happy.

During Gay Pride in Madrid, Kylie Minogue was awarded a gay prize for her devotion to the gay community. She said it was a great honor and praised Spain for allowing gay marriage. Kylie sure deserves this prize, no big artist has been so supportive on gay issues for so many years. Except maybe for Madonna back in the day. Kylie is a lot more likeable though and that translates better to straight people.

Ministers from Health in several countries from the EU are planning to file a motion that in the EU gays should no longer be denied to donate blood. Just like in the U.S gays that have had sex since 1977 are not allowed to donate. Sweden is the only country that allows gay men to donate blood as long as they did not have sex in the last year. I think the whole rule is ridiculous, the only thing that matters is if people are safe, gay or straight. Definitely in these times.

District police of Jerusalem have changed their minds and granted permission for this year’s parade(end of the month) to terminate at the Knesset building. It is the one-year anniversary of the shootings in Tel Aviv at a gay center and getting to the Knesset is a proper way to symbolize what the parade is about. Full equal rights and an end to violence. Totally agree with that.

She is back. PhatGayKid is now lisping though Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.”

Gay news

9 08 2009

Between 25.000 and 70.000 people gathered in Tel Aviv to show their support for the LGBT community of Israel after last weekend’s shooting that killed two. Under attendance was the major of Tel Aviv and president Simon Peres who gave a wonderful speech. Unfortunately the killer is still on the run.

The new version of Melrose Place will have a gay character as well played by hottie Victor Webster. Caleb Brewer will be a cigar-smoking, scotch-drinking man who happens to be gay. Well I hope he will have a bit more sex then poor Matt in the original but that is not hard to beat.

In Glasgow at the gay and lesbian arts festival there will be a play called Jesus, Queen of Heaven that will portray Jesus as a transsexual woman. Christian organizations are up in arms and I can’t really blame them. This is just the same kind of  provocative nonsense like the gay Nativity in Amsterdam last December.

Gay news

4 08 2009

In Wisconsin on monday gay couples can take advantage of the new domestic partnerships registry. It will afford same-sex couples about 40 legal protections previously extended to married couples only. It’s not total equality yet, but better then nothing.

On Joe My God  I read that the founder of Mission America, Linda Harvey, said some really despicable things about the gay murders in Tel Aviv. She first really shortly says the murders are bad(just to cover her ass for the rest of the hate she is gonna be spewing), but right after that complains that the gays blame religious people for the murders and says everybody has to right to oppose homosexuality also people in Israel. And if those children would not be going to those centers they would not have been dead, blaming the centers for luring the children in. First of all these were young people between 16-mid 20’s and no little children,at that age they know how they are! And how terrible are you to use the death of those people to advance your own sick message.

GAY NEWS, Tel Aviv hate-crime,Canal Parade and more

2 08 2009

Three people got killed and multiple injured in Tel Aviv Israel caused by a shooting in a center that holds meetings for gay teens. A man dressed in black carrying a handgun walked in and started shooting indiscriminately. Police consider it a hate-crime and not caused by the Palestinians. So extremely sad.

The suspect in the murder case of gay sailor August Provost has killed himself by asphyxiation with toilet paper. Now probably nobody will ever know for sure why Provost got killed. Was it a hate-crime and did it have to do with DADT? Or did the murderer have other motives?.

I end this post with something positive after all that bad news. The Gay pride in Amsterdam, aka Canal Parade was a huge success. At least 560.000 people( a record)were watching the politician-boat,military-boat, famous athletes-boat, famous dutch people-boat  and boats with dutch gay people from all over the country. This year the weather was fantastic, causing an increase of people with 15% from last year.