Update Beenie Man

21 06 2010

I am probably not the only that called the organization of Parkpop in the Hague because I just heard they cancelled Beenie Man!! The reason was the negative reactions they got over Beenie Man’s homophobic lyrics. Snoop Dog was apparently not cancelled because of himself but because of rivaling gangs attending his performance!?

Beenie Man family-friendlier than Snoop Dog?

21 06 2010

A music festival in the Hague, the Netherlands this coming sunday has cancelled Snoop Dog because he was not open and family friendly enough?? His replacement in Beenie Man, the homophobic reggae artist from Jamaica. In his lyrics he talked about executing gays and gay sex being disgusting. Sounds better than Snoop Dog right??? WTF. I just called the organization and they told me the city council of the Hague is against Snoop Dog performing and they think Beenie Man is OK now because he wrote an agreement last year that he would not ever sing about such things again. Something he only did because otherwise he did not get any gigs anymore,I said but the guy on the phone told me (very nicely) I cannot look in his brain and that is true. Hope the city council will do something about this, I sent them a digital complaint and am probably not the only one.

Magazine tells gays to call in sick

8 02 2010

Dutch gay youth magazine Expreszo has asked gay students and teachers to call in sick today. This as a protest against a new law that allows (christian) schools to refuse gay students and teachers.  There was a meeting in the government about it today but the main minister for this case was sick(ironic) herself. Only 50 people came to the protest in The Hague. Makes sense because calling in sick makes you practically gay for the whole world today and not all teens are ready for that. That fucking christian cabinet in the Netherlands sucks big time, this is just another example.I would not understand why you would wanna work/study at an anti-gay school anyways, but you should still should be allowed to go there if you want.

Cheating gone terribly wrong

30 06 2009

A  dutch couple from the posh town of Wassenaar was in the hospital of The Hague recently for the birth of their baby. The shock was enormous when all of a sudden a very dark baby popped out, even though the couple is white. The woman could then only admit that she cheated on her husband once with a negroid man. Both families in shock and the husband has already packed his suitcase and left his wife. Wow I wish I would have been at that delivery to see the faces of the couple!!