Woman tries to flush baby

9 07 2010

A woman in New Delhi, India delivered a baby on the toilet and tried to flush it. The baby was found in the toilet  after the plane was landed and was bought to a hospital with the whole toilet included. The baby is still in critical condition. The 22-year-old mother(a doctor!!) first denied she did it but later admitted. Seriously disturbed.

After a pee-bag for woman, now a poop-bag for all

6 03 2010

A while ago there was the invention of a pee-bag for ladies, but now there is something for both genders. The Peepoo. It is a biological disposable plastic bag that can be used for one-time emergency situations. It has crystals in it that kill viruses, bacteria and parasites and later on the bag can be used as compost for gardens!! A swedish entrepeneur invented this after seeing people in Kenya use plastic bags to poop in and then just throw it away. They call it a helicopter toilet. Ideal for Kirstie Alley so she does not have to use her kids diapers anymore for her emergency toilet problems.


14 01 2010

In my house in the Netherlands I have never had a lot of insects, barely mosquitos in summer and just a handful of flies or other bugs every year. Since a week or 2 though everything is different. Outside it is freezing hard but inside I have killed over 40 flies in those weeks and they keep on coming. Some in the kitchen and some in the toilet and I guess they come though the filters and laid eggs this summer that now come out. It is still strange though. Has anybody else ever had this???

Newborn falls through train toilet

10 10 2009

A 28-year old woman in New Delhi suddenly had to give birth to her baby in the toilet of a train. The baby fell through it and right on the railway track. The panicked mother jumped off the train and other people thought it was a suicide attempt and pulled the emergency brake. Mother and daughter were found later on at the railway track and brought to the nearest hospital. They were doing fine luckily!