Gossip, Britney sued for nudity, Lady Gaga/Kathy Perry, Seinfeld,

10 06 2010

According to Britney Spears’ former bodyguard she sexually harassed him by walking around nude all the time and coming on to him. Fernando Flores wants multi-million dollars. This is not the first bodyguard to complain about this. I think they should not be such pussies. Many man would love to see a naked Britney all the time.

Lady Gaga’s new clip has caused a lot of controversy with mostly the catholic church. She wears a latex nun-outfit, walks around with a religious cross in front of her crotch and eats a religious symbol in the clip for Alejandro. Kathy Perry called it blasphemy, but she is just jealous I think. The clip is fine, nothing too shocking. I liked the Bad Romance and Telephone-clips better though.

Seinfeld re-runs have made $2.7 billion over the last 12 years. All that money goes to Jerry himself and Larry Kramer. Other cast-members get nothing. This amount is not surprising, I mean I love the show but it is on all the time.

Tom Cruise has some very kind and loving words to say about David Beckham. He admires him as an athlete, father and husband. He has a great spirit and solid body. Allegedly the last part is what he likes best, haha.

Gossip, Cynthia Nixon, Barbara Walters,Tom Cruise/Scientology, Bethenny (RHONY) a mom

12 05 2010

Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon’s partner is a very very masculine woman called Christine Marinoni, really short hair, no make-up, men’s clothing etc. In an interview with gay magazine the Advocate she called her girlfriend basically a short man with boobs and that is how she likes them!! Pity for her Selma Green from Big Love is not a real person, haha. Just kidding, I love that there is one for everyone out there.

Leading lady of the View, Barbara Walters(80) is having heart surgery. She shocked the audience this week that she has a faulty heart valve repaired. She will be recovering for 3 months and then back to the View. Hope she will be fine.

Tom Cruise’s “friend” and Scientology leader David Miscagive secretly taped the confession Tom made during his divorcing of Nicole Kidman and showed the tapes to his friends as entertainment. I bet they were super funny. Cruise must be so full of insecurities and self-hate.

Real Housewives from NY, Bethenny Frenkel became the mother of a baby girl this week. The kid, Bryn Hoppy was tiny ( 4¬†lbs) because Bethenny still wanted to stay “skinny”, I guess. I loathe that bitch so badly. I cannot understand why people seem to be on her side in the fight against Jill Zarin.

Suri Cruise, 3 years going on 30

16 12 2009

Most celebrity toddlers are cute and seem fairly normal. Violet Affleck(Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner), Kingston Rossdale( Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani), Shiloh Jolie-Pitt(needs no explanation). One of those toddlers is way of that normal range though and that is Suri Cruise. Reason for that, her ridiculous parents. Every new picture I see of her I cringe a little more. She is 3 years old and (allegedly) wears little high heels all the time(isn’t that bad for growth and posture), wears huge earrings, is up around mid-night and drinks from Starbucks. It already started with her not wearing coats in the winter to show of her perfect little dresses but it gets worse all the time. I also read in the gossip magazines that Tom lets her do anything she wants because that way a kid can express itself best. Yeah and turn into an egotistical little brat!! Poor Suri, never had a chance in hell.

Gossip; Travolta and Cruise playing butch??, Carrie Prejean fun, Celine Dion sadness

12 11 2009

Scientology buddies John Travolta and Tom Cruise will do a remake of the cowboy movie (with gay undertones) “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or in their case Bitch Cassidy and the Prancing Kid. John Travolta playing butch, that must be a stretch!! haha. I dislike both as you can hear so that truly is a movie I do not wanna see.

Carrie Prejean, aka Miss Sticky Ladyfingers, is promoting her book at all the major TV-shows this week. She better stick to FOX where I saw Sean Hannity(who wrote the prequel in her book) being still so in awe with her he could barely ask a normal question. He so wants to fuck her, it’s getting a bit sad. At the View she was already getting a few more serious questions, but at Larry King all went wrong last night. He was asking her about the lawsuit hearings a few times and all the bitch could say was” You are being inappropriate Larry”, making Larry call his show Inappropriate King Live. After a gay caller wanted to ask a question, Prejean stopped the interview immediately and removed her microphone. Who does she think she is, the Queen of England?? It was also made clear yesterday that she begged her ex-boyfriend ,who gave the sex-tape to TMZ, to tell everyone that she was underage during the filming of the tape. A lie she already tried to use with her nude photos. I don’t care that the girl does dirty things, but people in glass houses should not throw stones. That is why this is funny.

Celine Dion who I mentioned as pregnant with her second kid unfortunately got a miscarriage. Celine was due in May. The baby was conceived through in vitro which apparently makes the chance of a miscarriage a lot higher. Very sad.



gay news,NC bigot country singer banned, Tom Cruise a homophobe, first U.K. gay tourist office

26 10 2009

Local North Carolina country singer Matt Boswell and his Hillbilly Blues Band have been banned from city performances in Reidsville NC after using a local festival to feature their hate speech. They used their own lyrics to a Merle Haggard song, dissing Wall street bankers and told gays and queers to go somewhere else because they can’t get married here. What a nice group of people!, but kudos to a small city in N.C for doing the right thing¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcohPEzYNrM&feature=player_embedded

Bronson Pinchot, who played Balky in Perfect Strangers, talked about working with Tom Cruise during the making of the movie “Risky Business”. Not only was Tom a big old bore but also a homophobe. He made constant unrelated homophobic comments like “You want some ice-cream, in case there are no gay people there” Bronson thinks it was funny that later on Tom Cruise was rumored to be gay. I’m not, you know what they say, the dogs that bark the loudest….

In London’s Soho district, U.K. first gay tourist office was opened this week. It will provide visitors with LGBT-specific information about the city and will sell tickets to various events and activities. Good to hear some positive news about the British capital after the news about hate-crimes in recent weeks.

Gossip; Suzanne Somers is anti-chemo, Will Smith is in denial, Elton could become Lev’s guardian

19 09 2009

Suzanne Somers made a ridiculous and in my opinion dangerous comment on the death of Patrick Swayze. According to her ‘poison destroyed this beautiful man and he should have just had better nutrition instead of chemo’. In the Netherlands there is a famous case of a celebrity who refused chemo because some spiritual person said it as only an infection. And there are more examples like this. I think feeding these ideas to people is dangerous. I guess most sane people would get the chemo anyway. It has cured many people.

It seems like Will Smith and his wife Jada are in deep denial. First there are numerous allegations about their sexual orientation (like other Scientology members Tom Cruise and John Travolta) But now even though he keeps denying being a member of Scientology, he donated $122.000 to them last year. A little strange if you are not a member. I personally think Will Smith has a lot of skeletons in his closet but is too afraid of what it will do to his image/career. I personally don’t care one way or the other about Scientology. The only thing I know about them is that I took an IQ test in their center in LA once and scored 130!! In english!! Maybe they just improved the score a bit to make me like them more, but it made my day.

There is a chance for Elton John to be with baby Lev anyway now after first being denied. It would have to be as a guardian in which Elton can invite the boy, his mother and his brother to stay with him in England. The mother would still have the first rights but Elton could take him under his wings. Guess the Ukraine got sick of the bad press they were getting after banning Elton from adopting. Seems difficult, if I was Elton I would think twice about it.