Gay News,Hawaii Gov. compares gay marriage to incest, Top Chef judge on Gay Pride float, separate showers if DADT is repealed?

14 07 2010

Linda Lingle, the Governor of Hawaii, who vetoed the civil unions bill of the state last week said on air that if gay marriage is a civil right than close relatives should also be able to get married, because that could be seen as a civil right as well. Lingle said ” First cousins could not get married, or a brother and sister and that sort of thing.” First off comparing gay marriage to incest is super insulting, second first cousins CAN actually get married in Hawaii. What a stupid bitch.

Top Chef Judge Tom Colicchio can be seen on a bear float during LA Gay Pride 2011. He told Andy Cohen during Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live” that he was insulted that no one in the bear community had asked him to be on a float during this years Gay Pride. After the show Bravo got flushed with phone calls and “A Bear’s Life Magazine” set it up. Because of his stocky build Colicchio, who is married with kids,  has been an icon in the bear community for quite sometime. Even though his restaurants have underwhelmed me often, this is pretty cool.

Friday it was made clear that if DADT will be repealed there might be some changes in the living situation of military people. The Pentagon is now heavily denying wanting separate barracks and showers after heavy criticism from the gay community and says there is only talk about maybe some extra shower curtains. Fuck that, how can a president whose father has been subjected to segregation even consider some of these things. Very repulsive.

The U.K. AIDS hospice made famous back in the 80’s by the visit of Princess Diana will be torn down. In 1989 the Princess of Wales was one of the first famous people to touch and hug people living with HIV/AIDS. Incredibly important in breaking the taboos.

Longest tennis match ever!!!

24 06 2010

I could not stop watching. It was momentous, heroic and incredible. John Isner from the U.S and Nicholas Mahut from France played the longest tennis match in history. They started Tuesday and at the end of the day it was 2 set all and the match had to be suspended because of darkness. Yesterday they started again and it had to be suspended again and they will continue today. The score is 4-6 6-4 7-6 6-7 59-59!! That last set alone would have been the longest match ever played on the ATP Tour of over 7 hours and they are playing a total of 10 hours now. I was rooting for American Isner, the cute giant with the undefined body against Mahut ,”the Marcel from Top Chef look-a-like” with incredibly fit body. Isner was the most exhausted and at times you had to be worried about both their physical and mental physique. It brought back some dark memories for myself. The last real long tennis match I played(almost 8 years ago) I had a fever of over 100 degrees before the match started and I played anyway for over 2 hours, eventually back at home it was 102 and I stayed sick for 3 months with glandular fever(mono) and my health has since then never been the same. These guys are in better shape so will be fine but still, what an event. Dutch man Thiemo de Bakker is a lucky guy, he played a 16-14 last set and will play the winner of this match but I doubt these men can come back and play great anymore after all this.

Gossip, Seinfeld star’s difficult name, Elisabitch Hasselbeck in tears, Colicchio wins James Beard Award, Bruno wins lawsuit

6 05 2010

The name Julia Louis- Dreyfus is apparently very difficult for some people to spell. Even the Hollywood star she got this week had to be replaced. It said Luis Dreyfus. “Just when you think you made it, she said.” I love her in Seinfeld, my boyfriend’s favorite all-time series. Elaine and George really make it fun for me.

The View’s Elisabeth Hasselback cried on TV yesterday after feeling sorry for a nasty crack she made about the recently sexually harassed Erin Andrews. According to Elisabeth, if the stalker would have seen Andrews in the bandana she wore on DWTS weeks ago, that would have been enough to have kept him out of jail. Hasselback said she cried at home to her daughter because she hurt someone. Yeah right, bitch hurts people’s feeling for a job.

Tom Colicchio, the famous chef and judge from Top Chef won the prestigious James Beard Award this week as the nation’s chef of the year. I have been to all of his NY restaurants, Craft Bar, Craft, Craft Steak and the new Colicchio and Sons. Except for the now closed Craft Steak I have always been underwhelmed in his restaurants. Give me Bobby Flay and Mario Batali anytime over him.

The woman who filed a lawsuit against the maker’s of Bruno for sabotaging her bingo and causing her huge mental damage lost on all accounts. Richelle Olson even has to pay $17k in attorney fees. She wanted $ 25k in damages, first even saying she was in a wheelchair now because Bruno’s people attacked her.

Gossip news; TV-shows Rosie and Palin, Sandra Bullock drama, Culture Club reuniting?, Top Chef on tour,

24 03 2010

Both Rosie O’Donnell and Sarah Palin are getting new TV shows. The former Alaska senator gets a reality show on the Discovery Channel (weird choice), basically to get her ready for 2012 elections and Rosie will get a talk show on cable to fill the gap that Oprah leaves in 2011. I would probably watch both. BTW is Palin wearing a wig or weave?? Her hair is starting to look very unnatural.

What a drama Sandra Bullock is in now, from heaven to hell in days. First winning that Oscar and now all this. I am not a big fan so did not blog about this earlier but this story is getting too big to ignore. The stripper that the ex had sex with is allegedly a white supremacist and there are also pictures of Jesse James giving a nazi salute. I understand that people who cheat on their wives go for something totally opposite of what you have, both Elin Nordegren and Bullock seems like such classy nice ladies and then you see their husband fooling around with trash. James’s taste is just sick though.

Boy George told media that he might be reuniting with his 80’s band Culture Club next year. Seems like a great idea, no matter how crazy the Boy is, i do have a soft spot for him and Karma Chameleon is THE song of me and my boyfriend.

Bravo’s Top Chef will be going on tour, starting April 14 and being in New York may 22/23. You get to meet Top Chef contestants/get autographs, sample food and hear all the secret behind the show. Pretty cool.

Bethenny Frenkel from the Real Housewives of NYC celebrated her upcoming wedding with a bridal shower and the only woman from the show showing up was equal fame-whore Alex. I hate Bethenny and am totally team Jill.

Thanksgiving dinner at Craft

27 11 2009

I am back in New York after a long Europe period. And could there be a better first day to get in the U.S spirit then Thanksgiving? After a week op non-stop great and elaborate meals in Europe( 8-course tastings with amuses mostly!) I thought a rather small meal would be good given our upcoming sun vacation, but Craft only had a Thanksgiving tasting with all the works. Way too much, fairly expensive(115 a person) but incredibly tasty. The restaurant from Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio is decorated very nice. Comfy chairs, great paintings, subtle lighting, very friendly staff and tres chic bathrooms. But the main thing of the place is the great food of course. We started off with a small pumpkin soup amuse that was sweet and rich in flavor. The starters were a frisee salad with cheese, macadamia and pancetta. As great as this was, fresh and flavourful, this was the weakest of the starters(and that says a lot). The scallops with truffle were to die for and so was the carpaccio with dried shallots(best carpaccio ever). All these starters are on their regular menu as well so we will go back for those sometime. As a main we could get the turkey, but being jet-lagged(and not needing any tryptophan) I decided to have salmon instead(not super, but ok) and my bf had the beef. The beef was just perfect, medium rare with a nice crust. As side dishes we had grilled veggies, super tasty mushrooms, sweet and creamy butternut squash, rich stuffing and Brussel sprouts. I used to hate Brussel sprout back home when I was younger because they were always boiled. In the U.S I learned to eat them roasted and then they taste so much better. The grand finale was 5 plates full of desserts. Great rhubarb-crumble, some sorbets/ice-creams(our fav was the pecan) a mediocre pumpkin pie, a great tarte tatin and some doughnuts with chocolate. This dinner was a 8/10 definitely and we will be back at Craft soon!

Gay news; hate speech, Top Chef and more

29 08 2009

Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tampa Florida was on Alan Colmes radio show and backed up his hateful speech that is almost too crazy to believe. Earlier on he said he goes to bed and prays that Obama dies and goes to hell. Now he says every homosexual is deviant, evil and a predator that is out to recruit people through molestation and rape and that they all should go to jail. He has got serious gay face himself, homo- bashers have often gay feelings themselves!! One of his parishioners was an armed protestor at an Obama Town Hall event last week in Phoenix. These people are nuts!!!

At one of my favorite TV-shows, Top Chef,  a lesbian contestant was angry at being forced to cook at a straight wedding because gays are not allowed to marry. While I think reactions like that are just a bit too much and counter-productive to most people, it did make head judge Tom Colicchio speak out in favor of gay-marriage on his blog. According to him it’s only about equality and he also says religion has no part in the discussion except if the marriage is sealed in church/synagogue/etc. I totally agree with him.

Utah’s new Governor Herbert, who took over for moderate Governor Huntsman who became Ambassador to China, thinks discrimination against gays should be legal. He says” we don’t have to have a rule for people to make sure they do the right thing”. He thinks “people ought to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do”. Well, how is that working for you so far!!! What an idiot. In Utah it’s still legal to fire someone because they are gay.