Gay Pride Toronto

6 07 2010

With all the previous bitching and talk about pro-Palestina and anti-Israel groups and what not, it seemed like a pretty normal Pride to me after viewing this clip. Funny, a little raunchy and happy.

Gay-related news, Miss Beverly Hills, coach ice hockey team U.S to become gay rights activist, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

26 02 2010

Miss Beverly Hills, Lauren Ashley, made quite the spectacle by giving an interview with Fox News. She says that if God says that having sex with someone of the same gender will ultimately kill that person. A hard verdict but God knows everything according to her. Se is quoting Leviticus.WTF??  Even if the bible would be true why do people always pick the gay stuff and never the things about not eating shellfish or having sex before marriage.The Beverly Hills mayor is really pissed and so are many others of course. She says she has many gay friends(there we go again) that respect her opinion. What self-respecting gay person would hang out with this. Side note, she is not even good-looking.

The coach of the american ice hockey team during the Olympics , Brian Burke, is going to be a gay rights activist in honor of his late son Brendan. Brendan came out in 2007 to his dad and died early this year in a car crash. He will do a public-service announcement aimed at eliminating bullying of gay kids and will march in Toronto’s Pride Parade. We need more people like him in sports.

I am disgusted by the comments at certain blogs people make about Shiloh’s short haircut and boyish clothes. Some people think Angelina and Brad make her wear those clothes/that haircut because they want a lesbian daughter. First of all, a 3-year old knows exactly what it wants and Brad/Angie have said before that Shiloh likes boyish things, she decided and they are open-minded enough to let her do that. Second you cannot even make anyone gay or lesbian by the way they dress. Third, wat is wrong with being gay. My sister loved to dress up as a boy when she was young, had short hair etc. Now she is one of the most feminine and elegant looking women I know and straight with kids. I loved playing with my little pony’s and wanted to be a princess and I turned gay. So who knows what will happen.

Gay news; Calendar of horrors, hospital should be ashamed, Canadian gays unfairly detained in Dubai

30 09 2009


A new calendar comes out for 2010 that will not be featured in many gay households for sure or maybe only as dartboard. It’s called Great American Conservative Woman calendar and features beauty queen Carrie Prejean, hate monger Ann Coulter and bigot Senator Michele Bachmann. Barf, barf, barf.

  The Federal Court dismissed the lawsuit from a lesbian mother, Jessica Langbehn,(who could not be with her dying girlfriend) against Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Her girlfriend suffered an aneurysm on a Rosie cruise and even after a power of attorney naming Langbehn was sent to the hospital, she was still refused access to her partner. She was only able to see her partner when a priest was giving last rites. According to the Federal Court the hospital did not have any obligation to let Langbehn see het partner. I only have one word for this, ridiculous.

A gay couple was detained for 28 days in Dubai for having arthritis drugs with them. The couple was only staying one day in UAE after being on vacation in India and before flying back to Toronto. The custom official probably thought they were gonna be partying in Dubai and that this was drugs to do that with. Both men were not given a chance to contact a lawyer, slept on a filthy prison floor and were held an additional 11 days after being declared innocent!!. A good reason to never visit Dubai, no matter how cool it might be!

Elena Dementieva wins in Toronto

24 08 2009




This tournament with almost all of the top players had some great match-up’s ending with Dementieva beating Maria Sharapova 6-4 6-3. I am not a big Sharapova fan, but it’s good for women’s tennis that she is back in finals of big tournaments. She is still not 100% since her long injury but getting there slowly. She changed her serve motion to put less pressure on her shoulder but since then her serve, a one-time weapon is more liability now. And her movement is still not very good either. Dementieva played a very solid game though yesterday and proved her win against Serena Williams in the semi-final was not a fluke. Kim Clijsters played some really solid tennis as well in her second tournament back after 2 years off and beat top 10 player Azarenka before falling to Jelena Jankovic in a tight three setter. All this and the news that Mary Pierce will make a comeback next year shows the WTA tour has a great 2010 ahead.

GLBT news

26 07 2009

A 77-year old gets a Transgender operation. Renee Ramsey is a former green beret specialist in Vietnam and served in the army for 20 years. She always liked dressing up in men’s clothing even during her two marriages and now will become one the oldest transsexual in the world.

A former minister in Gatesville, Texas apparently did not agree with my “gay is the new black”posting. He paid for a huge sign on the main street of town saying “gay rights are not civil rights”. The woman, who is the owner of the sign, told journalists she normally does not put up any negative messages but agrees with this one. According to her she even  received death threats. The sign was paid for three days and has since been taken down.

Former boxing champion Mark Leduc was found dead at age 47 in a hotel sauna in Toronto suffering a heat stroke. He was gay in a very homophobic sport and maybe because of that became a great spokes person for the gay world.At the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992 he won a silver medal.