Gay news; homophobic attack in Amsterdam on straight man, Anne Frank diary deemed to filthy for school, Obama keeps disappointing

30 01 2010

A straight older man in Amsterdam who works above the store Gays&Gadgets was standing in font of the store holding a bag from the gay store when 2 younger guys(look Moroccan) started shouting abusive things to the guy and when he walks after them to confront them one of the guys kicks the older guy who kicks back, falls on the floor and the Moroccan guy starts kicking him some more. This was all on camera and that is another sign only cameras at gay hotspots does not help. More police and heavier sentences for the homophobes are the only things that might help.

A revised version of the Diary of Anne Frank called “The Definite Edition” has been pulled by a school system in Virginia. The book that was published on the 50th anniversary of her death in a concentration camp and had according to a parent it had sexually explicit material and homosexual undertones referencing to a passage where Anne has a crush on another girl. Such an important book, one of the most important in the world ever and people complain that their teens read something about a girl-girl crush. Ridiculous.

Obama keeps disappointing the gays by only making promises and not doing anything real. He has promised once more in his State of the Union that Don’t Ask, don’t tell will be repealed, but he did this already before and still nothing has happened on this issue. And during a Town Hall meeting when he was asked about the issue of gay marriage the only thing he came up with was the old and boring gays should be able to go to the hospital when their partner is dying. Dodging the question because he is against it and does not want to upset the gays even more. Especially as a black man he should be in favor of equality.

Gay news; hate speech, Top Chef and more

29 08 2009

Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tampa Florida was on Alan Colmes radio show and backed up his hateful speech that is almost too crazy to believe. Earlier on he said he goes to bed and prays that Obama dies and goes to hell. Now he says every homosexual is deviant, evil and a predator that is out to recruit people through molestation and rape and that they all should go to jail. He has got serious gay face himself, homo- bashers have often gay feelings themselves!! One of his parishioners was an armed protestor at an Obama Town Hall event last week in Phoenix. These people are nuts!!!

At one of my favorite TV-shows, Top Chef,  a lesbian contestant was angry at being forced to cook at a straight wedding because gays are not allowed to marry. While I think reactions like that are just a bit too much and counter-productive to most people, it did make head judge Tom Colicchio speak out in favor of gay-marriage on his blog. According to him it’s only about equality and he also says religion has no part in the discussion except if the marriage is sealed in church/synagogue/etc. I totally agree with him.

Utah’s new Governor Herbert, who took over for moderate Governor Huntsman who became Ambassador to China, thinks discrimination against gays should be legal. He says” we don’t have to have a rule for people to make sure they do the right thing”. He thinks “people ought to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do”. Well, how is that working for you so far!!! What an idiot. In Utah it’s still legal to fire someone because they are gay.