Homosexuality and twins

14 07 2010

This clip reminded me so much of me and my twin- brother when we were kids. He as Zorro and me as a nurse. He with army toys and I was playing with My Little Pony. I wanted to be a girl like the kid in the clip for years but from 11/12 years on not anymore and never since.


25 07 2009

Michael Jackson’s death is now officially seen as a homicide(death at the hands of another) with Dr. Conrad Murray being the main target in the manslaughter case. He has been holding back files and police has raided his office and interrogates his employees. People also question the time of death he has given for Jackson. 

David Beckham has to pay a $1000 fine for challenging some L.A. Galaxy fans for a fight after they had been booing and insulting him at his own stadium. I think Beckham is right here, the fans should be happy he is back in the U.S. Any soccer player would prefer playing for A.C Milan instead of the L.A. Galaxy, and fans should understand this.

Obama scores a less then 50% approval rate for the first time since he started. Curious what he will end up after 4 years. Probably in the same league as Bush Jr. if he keeps working like this. The opinion about the U.S. in other countries is much higher though since Obama became president, except Israel.

Roger Federer and his wife Mirka got twins yesterday, 2 girls Charlene and Myla. The guy seriously gets everything(except a hot wife). I have a twin brother as well and know how special that is.

And Jude Law is being investigated by authorities for hitting a female paparazzi. He says it was an accident. I can understand famous people every now and then getting so pissed off at the paps that they flip out, but hitting is never the right answer.