America’s Next Top Model

8 06 2010

I have alway liked this show and probably watched all seasons, but after just finishing cycle 12 last night, I am getting more and more annoyed. Most of all with the judges, when they have 10 pretty girls and they let them leave the show one by one and end up with the 4 ugliest I do not get it. I know a good model is not necessarily the prettiest girl, but a girl that looks 40 and is unattractive, a girl that looks like a scary doll, a girl with duck-lips and the winner that looks like my Italian Greyhound as the final 4 is a bit much. Tyra Banks has such a big ego it almost rivals her ass. I like Miss Jay but someone needs to reel her in as well and she is not funny. And Nigel Barker is a pompous cocky Brit that cannot take any slight bit of criticism by one of the girls towards him. I miss Janice Dickinson and Nole Marin as judges. I heard for the upcoming season they changed the judges and the prize will be a cover fo Italian Vogue instead of Seventeen. Maybe that spices things up a bit, otherwise they lose me as a viewer.

Venus’s dress

26 05 2010

Not Venus Williams play is getting attention at Roland Garros, but her dress. Her black/pink dress looks like lingerie and both her tits and her ass are in full display during her matches. She calls her own creation for brand EleVEn nude fabric and according to her it is all about illusion. It certainly is fairly nude and on someone else it could be sexy. On Tyra Banks or RuPaul maybe, but not on Venus. Wonder what her God Jehovah thinks about it!!

Pulling a plane with you eyelids

22 05 2010

No, not smile with yo eyes, like Tyra Banks tells her models every season, but pulling a plane with it. Chinese Dong Changsheng, a Chinese martial arts specialist, pulled a 1234 pound plane at a festival in China. he has done a car before as well. Ouch!!! Do not try this at home, haha.

Gossip;O’Reilly thinks Elton is pinhead, Adam Lambert kissed a girl, Cheryl/Ashley Cole call it quits, Whitney/Susan Boyle in trouble

23 02 2010

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is pissed at Elton John for making comments that Jesus was gay and called him a “pinhead.” According to Bill O’Reilly there is no evidence that Jesus was indeed gay. I think that there is also no evidence that he was straight though, that is something O’Reilly forgot to mention.

Janice Dickenson did what she can bo best, dissing Tyra Banks, during a chat show in the UK. She said Tyra was fat, Tyra’s forehead could be a landing spot for a helicopter and that she was always looking for evidence Tyra was a man. Now I love me some Janice but that last comment was a bit of the pot calling the kettle black!

Adam Lambert had to show girls they still have a chance with him by saying he made out with singing sensation Ke$ha. Girl, please. I kissed with a gazillion girls as well and I am gay as can be.

I blogged last week about Cheryl /Ashley Cole’s marriage problems and now she finally dumped her cheating husband. Good for her, this was turning into another Tiger Woods scandal. Difference is that Cheryl is now more famous and makes about the same amount of money herself unlike Elin Nordegren.

Whitney Houston seems to be losing it again. After arriving in Brisbane she allegedly acted like she was on drugs and kept making weird comments and now her concert there was a bomb as well. People walked out because they woman did not sing 1 song normal. She really needs to pull it together or this comeback will be an epic failure.

Another person losing it(again) is Susan Boyle. The singer is apparently lonely, extremely exhausted and paranoid. After a break-in she keeps staring out behind her curtains for hours and has trouble sleeping. Her brother Gerry told this to the media. She might be rich and famous now but I bet she was happier before her success.

Gossip; idiot Kanye, pissed off Tyra, Serena incident no racism!

14 09 2009

Kanye West showed what a ridiculous egotistical asshole he is at yesterday’s VMA Awards. Taylor Swift won for best female video and in the middle of her speech he stormed on stage, grabbed her microphone and told the audience that Beyonce should have been the winner because she made the best video of all time leaving poor Taylor Swift  speechless. Beyonce looked mortified as well and later on when she won a prize asked Swift on the stage with her to finish her speech. Who does Kanye West think he is??

Tyra Banks always tells her models show to “smile with your eyes” but she herself also knows how to “kill with her eyes”. Cynthia McFadden from “Nightline” had an interview with Tyra and was beforehand asked to not mention ex America’s Next Top Model judges Paulina Porizkova and Janice Dickenson, who were not very nice about Tyra. Tyra’s publicist said not to go there but she did anyway and Tyra was pissed as hell. Cynthia asked if it was jealousy and Tyra snapped, “Is that what you think?? I did not say it, is that what you think?” Meowww.

Yesterday I already talked about the Serena Williams incident at the US open but since it seems to be everywhere and on everyone’s minds I will talk about it a little more. Serena tried to undo some of the damage by posting a blog entry talking about all the hard times she has had and the death of her sister years and years ago. That must have been a truly sad experience(I felt really bad for them at the time) but that has nothing to do with what happened Saturday. Claims from other people of racism in the tennis world because only the Williams sisters get foot-faults and people were rooting just as much or more for Belgian Kim then Americans Serena and Venus at her home tournament because they are black are also ludicrous. The umpires treat the girls just the same as everyone else and Serena and Venus lack mainstream love with the audience not because of their color but because of the way they act. They are not bubbly, sweet and happy like Kim. A the men’s side the most popular player at the US Open is James Blake and he is not white either. No, I think the real reason for Serena’s outburst  was trying to get Kim out of her concentration and zone. Serena got only furious a short  while after it happened and not right away. She never thought she would get a point penalty as she mentioned herself in press conferences and just tried to drag it out for her own sake. Everyone knows that Serena in most circumstances is mentally more tough then Kim and she just hoped this would totally get to Kim and I think it could have. Luckily the real winner won and Serena was lucky to only be left with a fine to pay after such poor sportsmanship.