Gay news, Gay Rights ranking Europe, Zimbabwe arrests, John McCain and the gays

26 05 2010

The International Gay and Lesbian Association has released its Rainbow Europe County Index on how legislation affects LGBT people. Sweden is number 1 followed by Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain. Those 4 have anti-discrimination laws not enshrined in the constitution, like Sweden(but they do mostly use it) From the EU, Cyprus, Latvia and Poland not good and finished last. From non EU countries Turkey, Russia and Ukraine did bad.

Two members of a Zimbabwe Gay organization have been arrested. At first the government and police said it was because of drugs and porn but yesterday it was made clear they got a letter from former SF mayor Brown that was critical about that monster of a President Mugabe. Mugabe described gays as less than pigs and dogs. The 2 men are still in jail, hopefully unharmed…

Senator John McCain is anti gay marriage, opposes gay adoption, against gays in the military and against ENDA(discrimination against gays in workplace). On the other hand his wife has been a vocal supporter of gay marriage, his daughter is super pro-gay and now he hired a gay man, Mark Buse to run his campaign for re-election of Senator from Arizona. He should listen to his inner circle more.

NY Pride will be shorter than ever in a cost-cutting measure by the NYPD. It will go from 36/5th instead of 52/5th but still ends in Christopher Street. Apparently the same thing will happen to all parades in NY. I think it is totally fine, more crowd on a denser area and less to walk for the marcher in the (maybe) heat.

Gossip; 90’s icons comeback, John Travolta, Joy Behar backs Elton

24 09 2009

Three icons of the 90’s are making a comeback!! Heather Locklear will be reprising her role as Amanda Woodward in the new Melrose Place. The Spice Girls might reunite and go back on tour again and Robbie Williams will perform with Take That again in the original line-up. Brings back good memories!!

Poor John Travolta. Still trying to cope with¬†the death of his son, he now has to testify about it all against the people who tried to extort money from him right after his son’s death(a paramedic and a lawyer). He already talked about reviving his son and his son’s autism yesterday. I hope the horrible people who were trying to make money of the Travolta’s at such a horrible time will go to jail long!!!

The View host Joy Behar proved once again she is a friendly voice to the gay community. She wrote an article for CNN in which she confronts the minister of sports, family and youth who did not approve of Elton John adopting a baby from an orphanage in the Ukraine. She says “family doesn’t mean a huddle of orphans sharing a soiled mattress, it;s not youth if you die of aids before you reach kindergarten and wrestling over dinner scraps is not a sport. And that is Lev’s faith now that the Ukrainian government said Elton and David can’t adopt him. They say it’s because they are too old, but it’s probably because they are too gay”. Amen!!! Joy is as usual totally right on again.

Gossip; Suzanne Somers is anti-chemo, Will Smith is in denial, Elton could become Lev’s guardian

19 09 2009

Suzanne Somers made a ridiculous and in my opinion dangerous comment on the death of Patrick Swayze. According to her ‘poison destroyed this beautiful man and he should have just had better nutrition instead of chemo’. In the Netherlands there is a famous case of a celebrity who refused chemo because some spiritual person said it as only an infection. And there are more examples like this. I think feeding these ideas to people is dangerous. I guess most sane people would get the chemo anyway. It has cured many people.

It seems like Will Smith and his wife Jada are in deep denial. First there are numerous allegations about their sexual orientation (like other Scientology members Tom Cruise and John Travolta) But now even though he keeps denying being a member of Scientology, he donated $122.000 to them last year. A little strange if you are not a member. I personally think Will Smith has a lot of skeletons in his closet but is too afraid of what it will do to his image/career. I personally don’t care one way or the other about Scientology. The only thing I know about them is that I took an IQ test in their center in LA once and scored 130!! In english!! Maybe they just improved the score a bit to make me like them more, but it made my day.

There is a chance for Elton John to be with baby Lev anyway now after first being denied. It would have to be as a guardian in which Elton can invite the boy, his mother and his brother to stay with him in England. The mother would still have the first rights but Elton could take him under his wings. Guess the Ukraine got sick of the bad press they were getting after banning Elton from adopting. Seems difficult, if I was Elton I would think twice about it.

Gay news; Elton no dad, Islamic militias use internet to kill gays, Jamaican government delusional

15 09 2009

Elton John will not be able to adopt baby Lev from the Ukraine. The country’s minister for ¬†Family, Youth and Sports said that. Adoptive parents need to be married and gay marriage does not count in the Ukraine. Single people cannot adopt children from the Ukraine either. And Elton is too old as well, the age difference between parents and baby can only be 45 years. They do like Elton John’s charity work over there though but basically prefer kids to sit in an orphanage, then having the change of a happy childhood with an old queen

Islamic militias in Iraq use internet chat room for gays to target and locate their victims. According to them animals deserve more pity then gays and they torture them before the killing. A mother found her son with cut off genitals and an anus filled with glue. This apparently is not rare either but happens quite often. Just terrible.

Even though the murdered British Honorary Consul John Terry had a letter on his body saying he was a “batty man” and “this will happen to all gays”, something I wrote about this weekend, the Jamaican government says it was not a hate crime. According to them gay people can live open and free in Jamaica. Whatever!!! Gay people are getting beat up in that country all the time and sex between two men is still punishable for up to ten year over there. Jamaica is one of those countries that is easy to get to from New York, but some place I will never ever visit.

Gossip; Sir Elton John to become a dad, Barton not crazy but ‘just in pain”, sex toys sale illegal in Alabama

13 09 2009

Elton John might adopt a baby from the Ukraine. Little Lev lives in a foster home in the east of the Ukraine and has stolen Elton’s heart. Even though his partner has wanted kids for a long time Elton did not think it would fit with his lifestyle. Now he has changed his mind, but I wonder if it will all work out. At least in the Netherlands there is an age limit for people who want to adopt and Elton is already 67. I hope it works out for them though, he seems like a good guy.

Mischa Barton came to “the View last week to discuss her mental breakdown and institutionalizing a few weeks back. According to Mischa it was all due to problems with her wisdom teeth. She had surgery gone wrong and a lot of tooth pain and stress from upcoming work. Well, I had my share of tooth problems a few times and even though it can be terrible at times it does not make a sane person go literally insane. Doing too much drugs though, definitely can.

Selling sex toys is still illegal in Alabama. The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 to uphold the ban because selling sex toys is morally offensive. People can have them in private but distribution is not allowed. What age do they live in over there!!??

Showbizz news

16 07 2009

Renee Zellweger is gonna star in a new Bridget Jones movie. I don’t like Renee Zellweger but she is really good as Bridget Jones. I loved to books and liked the movies as well. The first 2 were based upon the books and that’s what made them good. Without another book I have my doubts this one will be that great. Curious to see if Zellweger will pack on the pounds again or just will wear a fat suit.

The movie Bruno is forbidden in the Ukraine for being to raunchy. There is too much gay sex and obscene nudity. Borat was also forbidden there. what a bunch of prudes.

I think the Gosselins with their Jon & Kate plus 8 are in general to boring to report about. I can’t really care about them breaking up .What I do think is funny though is that fat boring Jon is having a new girlfriend, 22 years old and much better looking and apparently everyone knows she is in it for the fame except Jon. Wonder how long they will last.

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter thinks it’s awesome that people think he is gay. He is surrounded by gays since he was young and thinks it’s a compliment. The world needs more straight guys like that!