Gay news, Castro shooting, first presidential gay marriage, gay domestic violence by former Minnesota Viking

28 06 2010

During Pink Saturday in SF’s Castro a man shot 3 people during the kick-off of the Gay Pride festivities. It happened at the corner of Market and Castro in front of  The Cafe at 11pm. A 19-year old man was killed and a man and woman injured. The suspect, another 19-year old man was taken into custody. I used to walk there everyday, so scary and sad…

Icelandic Prime Minister Sigurdardottir married her partner at the same day gay marriage became legal in Iceland yesterday. They already had a registered partnership since 2002. This makes her next to being the first gay Prime Minister ever also the first head of state  to have a same-sex marriage.

That gays are no different from straight people unfortunately also goes for domestic violence. Former Minnesota Viking and out gay man since 2002, Esara Tuaolo, was arrested last week for domestic assault and 3 misdemeanors. He was released on bail but given a no-contact order with the victim. There are not many high-profile same-sex domestic violence cases on record, so I am curious how this pans out and if it becomes a landmark case.

Dead man visits own funeral

5 11 2009

In Brazil family was mourning the death of Jorge Concalves at his funeral. They were shocked to death(ha!) though to see him walking to them at the cemetery. A day earlier his family had wrongly identified him as the heavily mutilated victim of a car crash. It wasn’t him though, he was boozing the whole day and night in a trucker bar with some of his buddies. When he heard about the funeral a day later he hurried to the cemetery. God, how shocked those people must have been.