Gay news; gay marriage in Mexico City and Washington DC, catholic church and gays make up, anti-gay senator arrested for DUI after leaving gay club

4 03 2010

From today on gay marriage and gay adoption become legal in Mexico City. Mexico City is much more open-minded than the overall very religious country so gays fear a backlash that will take away their rights. And in Washington DC following a Supreme Court ruling Tuesday, gays are allowed to start applying for marriage licenses there as well. Bigots were trying everything to get the Supreme Court to decide different but luckily they did not believe in their hatred.

The catholic church and gays in the Netherlands were in a fight last week and over the weekend, something I blogged about Sunday and before, but the church has backed off a bit. They will no longer seek to bar gays from taking communion. They heavily attacked St. Jan’ church in Den Bosch says it will leave it up to believers to decide whether they are ready to receive communion. Seems like the whole country thought the catholic church was going way too far. Even the very catholic senior citizens at my mom’s work thought gays should get communion and be treated normal.

The dogs that bark the loudest….  California state Senator Roy Ashburn, a divorced father of 4 was arrested for DUI after leaving a gay club, Faces, in Sacramento with an unidentified male passenger. Ashburn has voted in favor of Prop8, against Harvey Milk day and against expansion to include sexual orientation as a protected class in the state’s insurance laws. What a fucking hypocrite.

Gay news; NBA players calls guys faggots, “the Advocate” in trouble, christians want to get arrested

8 11 2009

Last week it was an NFL player that spewed his gay hate and this week it was an NBA player named Drew Gooden of the Dallas Mavericks that called two guys faggots. Apparently this is not the first time he did this, cause two brothers claim he called them faggots during a game on Halloween. (African-American) athletes need to stop this behavior asap. This is just getting childish and ridiculous.

The most famous and longest running gay magazine “the Advocate” is in trouble. First it already went from bi-weekly to once a month and now it will be sent jointly with OUT magazine. This seems to be the beginning of the end. I think it has two reasons, first that many people do not buy printed magazines anymore but read their news on the internet. Second that “the Advocate” was boring. Give me Passport, Gay Times, Attitude, Instinct any day over “the Advocate”.

A groups of religious clergymen will go to Washington DC on November 16. They want to protest against the “hate crimes bill” by screaming anti-gay language in the hope to get arrested. All to become the martyrs they want to be and call it a rally of religious freedom. How christian and loving is this, huh??

anti-gay bigot parade, NFL player, Joe the Plumber and more

28 10 2009

Yesterday I watched the fantastic musical Hairspray in the Netherlands. The dutch version really rivals Broadway and was hilarious. Watching this and so rooting for the right thing, aka equality between white and black to happen, it’s very annoying to read the following two examples in the news.

First the african american NFL player Larry Johnson, a running back for the Kansas Chiefs, who told two reporters to get their faggot asses out of the locker room and later directing similar language to a fan on Twitter. He apologized after pressure from the Kansas Chiefs but only to his team and kids that see him as a role model. Not to gays of course. He has been arrested for beating up girlfriends so he was not much of a role model to begin with.

And then an african american woman who goes biblically nuts at the Washington D.C. marriage equality hearing using God, reproduction, calling gays dogs, using the devil, demons and slavery to make her point against gay marriage.

Of course there are also white bigots. Proof yesterday was the interview with Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber. He was at Joy Behar’s show and she did definitely put him in his place, but what an idiot!. He calls homosexuality wrong, does not want his children to be around gays and says basically all pedophiles and that being gay is a lifestyle choice. When Joy asks him why people would wanna be gays if they are chastised by people like him he act like he has nothing against. The guy is stupid, a homophobe and why is the loser even famous?? People should not even interview him anymore

Gay news, Equality March a success, Schwarzenegger shows his pro-gay side, another vicious hate-crime in NYC

13 10 2009

The National Equality March in Washington as a huge success. With over 250.000 people(lots of young people)  attending and with guest speakers as Lady Gaga, Cynthia Nixon(Miranda in Sex and the City) and Cleve Jones( activist in the 70’s and friend of Harvey Milk) who all delivered great speeches, I hope Washington and Obama will listen!

Yesterday Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two pro-gay bills into law. The first is by making May 22nd Harvey Milk day to honor the killed gay activist. Something he refused to do last year. The other gives LGBT people a less symbolic gain by recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states. The wingnut right goes angry of course, calling Harvey Milk a predator and liar. Well, I have to say after a very weak start as Governor of California, Schwarzenegger does better and better.

A 49-year old gay man was brutally beaten outside a Queens’ deli friday early morning. Two men yelled anti-gay slurs and attacked him. The man is in a coma and has two collapsed lungs, liver damage, a fractured jaw, rib fractures and a lacerated spleen. One victim 21- year old Daniel Rodriguez has been arrested. The police is still on the look-out for the other suspect. Just horrible

Gay news; Westerwelle first gay foreign minister, Cleveland hosts 2014 Gay Games, Rapper Warren G a bigot

29 09 2009

Germany has a new gay power couple.  The likely new foreign minster of Germany will be Guido Westerwelle of the FDP. He will also be the vice-chancellor for Angela Merkel. He and his hot partner Michael Mronz, a business man and his advisor, came out together at Angela Merkel’s birthday party in 2004. In Germany no one really cares about his orientation, he actually gained a lot of younger fans, but in other countries they see issues with a gay foreign minister. I think it would be a good idea, countries that have an issue with it should just get more progressive, times change!

Cleveland, Ohio, will be the host of the 2014 Gay Games. In Cologne, Germany, the Federation of Gay Games, announced this during a press conference. They beat out Washington DC and Boston. I would have preferred the other two but it’s great to have a Gay Games in the U.S. I might participate in tennis!! Loved the games in Amsterdam back in 1998. One of the better weeks of my life.

Rapper Warren G, famous back in the day, thinks he is so open-minded by saying he is fine with gays. His wife has friends that are gay, he has family that is gay. But then he ruins all that talk by saying that he is fine with gays, except he does not wanna see them kissing on TV. It’s not good for kids!!  Another black bigot. Can you imagine people saying they don’t want to see black people kissing on TV.

90% of dollar bills full of cocaine traces

19 08 2009

Yesterday I read in a dutch newspaper that 9 out of 10 dollar bills in the U.S. have traces of cocaine on them. People from the University of Massachusetts  did checks in 30 cities all over the world. In Washington DC it’s even 95%. Two years ago it was only on 66% of the bills. Analysts think that maybe because of the crisis people use more coke. I dunno coke is pretty expensive, so I would expect more people in the U.S. to use meth instead. In Canada and Brazil also a lot of bills have coke traces between 80 and 85 %. In China only 12% and Japan 20%. They did not test Europe but it will be about the same as in Canada, I guess. The myth from people in the U.S. that people in Europe use a lot more drugs then they do is officially nonsense with this research I think. Well after living in San Francisco I already knew this was the case myself.