Gay news, Supreme Court rules bigots be made public, European countries can decide on gay marriage themselves, Woman sues baptist church

25 06 2010

The highest court in the U.S, the Supreme Court, has ruled that the names of petition signers in Washington State Referendum 71 have to be made public. That means that people who signed an attempt to overturn a “pro gay” domestic partnerships law will be for all known as bigots. Conservatives tried to block the release of signatures fearing retributions, but all members of the court except for Clarence Thomas voted against them. Good news.

A High Court in Europe has ruled against 2 gays from Austria that wanted to get married. The court thinks the decision about marriage should be left up to the individual countries themselves and since there is a registered partnership in Austria that should be enough. As long the poor countries in Europe get their money from the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia, they wanna have as little to do with our morals as possible and stay back in the Middle Ages.

An African-American woman sued her Covenant Baptist Church because they include gays and welcome same-sex unions. She says she gave$ 250.000 in past donations and wanted that back. She went to a gay wedding at the church just to see if it was real and she said it was disgusting. Now she dropped the lawsuit (because she had no chance in hell) and found herself a new bigot church.That from a woman who in her youth also was discriminated for being black. Unbelievable.

Sarah Palin is right for a change

17 06 2010

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth. The Dutch and Norwegians indeed have offered their help. A spokesperson of the Dutch embassy in Washington also talked about a late answer from the U.S to the Dutch. She probably would have handled it better than Obama.

Gay news, bigot Arizona mayor, gays still banned from donating blood ,shelter in NY vandalized, Iceland gay marriage

12 06 2010

A Yuma, Arizona mayor does not want a repeal of DADT because lacy-drawered, limp-wristed gays can never do what military people have done in the last. He says Lincoln and Washington would have said the same things. Yeah,the world has not changed in over 100 years.

Against science and odds gays are still not allowed to donate blood. After 2 days of hearings a HHS committee voted 9-6 against recommending lifting the FDA ban on gays donating blood. Anyone that has had gay sex since 1977 is not allowed to donate. Retarded.

A shelter in Queens, New York for homeless LBGT Youth was hit with anti-gay vandalism thursday night. One of the walls read “We don’t want gays here.” What a bunch of fucking cowards to do that to kids that are already so vulnerable and often abused. The Ali Forney is such a great initiative because so many LGBT youth have no home after parents disown then and throw them out. Donations are always needed.

Iceland’s parliament voted 49-0!!!  to legalize gay marriage. Wish the U.S would only have 60% of that. Iceland is also the country with the first elected openly gay head of state and a country I would love to visit for its natural beauty. With their economy in the shitter they know that there are way more important things then to keep people from being equal in love.

Marriage equality battles

21 10 2009

The Marriage Equality battle keeps getting more and more intense. A new public policy poll shows an exact tie in Maine. Meanwhile in Washington the anti-gayers keep showing more and more lies in their ads.Protect Marriage Washington says in an ad that in 2004 Scandinavia legalized gay marriage and in that year alone suicide doubled and illicit drug use increased 19 times. What a bunch of bullshit, first Scandinavia is not a country, no Scandinavian country legalized gay marriage in 2004 and the other numbers are just to ridiculous for words. Do people really believe lies like that??

Gay news, Equality March a success, Schwarzenegger shows his pro-gay side, another vicious hate-crime in NYC

13 10 2009

The National Equality March in Washington as a huge success. With over 250.000 people(lots of young people)  attending and with guest speakers as Lady Gaga, Cynthia Nixon(Miranda in Sex and the City) and Cleve Jones( activist in the 70’s and friend of Harvey Milk) who all delivered great speeches, I hope Washington and Obama will listen!

Yesterday Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two pro-gay bills into law. The first is by making May 22nd Harvey Milk day to honor the killed gay activist. Something he refused to do last year. The other gives LGBT people a less symbolic gain by recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states. The wingnut right goes angry of course, calling Harvey Milk a predator and liar. Well, I have to say after a very weak start as Governor of California, Schwarzenegger does better and better.

A 49-year old gay man was brutally beaten outside a Queens’ deli friday early morning. Two men yelled anti-gay slurs and attacked him. The man is in a coma and has two collapsed lungs, liver damage, a fractured jaw, rib fractures and a lacerated spleen. One victim 21- year old Daniel Rodriguez has been arrested. The police is still on the look-out for the other suspect. Just horrible

Gay news; Obama promises gays a lot again, Boyzone member died, Mickey Rourke says faggot again

11 10 2009

Obama again has committed to work for gay equality at the Human Rights Campaigns annual dinner in Washington. He promised a whole lot(nothing new though) but without time lines for doing so. Don’t get me wrong I think Obama is much better for gays then a lot of U.S presidents in the past like Reagan or both Bushes but so far it’s all talk and no action. Do I believe he wants equality for gays, yes. But is it a priority? Not at all!  He was funny though in his speech when he said he was opening for Lady Gaga(who was marching for equality in Washington)

Stephen Gately, a member of the in Europe very popular boyband Boyzone was found dead in his apartment in Mallorca at the age of 33. Gately was one of the first members of boyband to come out of the closet back in 1999 and had two high profile gay relationships. One of them was still going strong at the time of his death. He went out for a few drinks, came back, went to sleep and never woke up. Very sad and strange.

Mickey Rourke is in trouble again for using the slur “faggot”, kind of randomly for the last few years. He says for him it means the same as asshole and has nothing to do with gays. He has more gay friends then anyone he knows and he is not homophobic. GLAAD of course demands an apology but I don’t know if he needs to give one. This guy clearly is not homophobic and I think the gay community should pick it’s battles better sometimes.

Gay news, Gay tv-characters who never came out, National Equality March, House votes in favor of hate crimes bill

10 10 2009

The website has a list of gay tv characters that never came out of the closet but should have. A lot of them are old sitcom stars like Alice Nelson from the ‘Brady Bunch’ and Reuben Kincaid from ´the Partridge Family´. All before my time but some others are more from my time, like Balky Bartomkous from ´Perfect Strangers´with his lederhosen and bolo tie, `Xena the Warrior Princess`, Smithers from `the Simpsons`. Then there is Muscle Mary  `He- man` on number 2 with his cat,  tan, lavender outfit and questionable haircut. And the ultimate gay couple on number 1, Bert and Ernie.

This weekend the National Equality March will be held in Washington DC. Thousands will gather there to send a message to Washington that gay citizens are full citizens that want equal rights in all 52 states. Just local government is not enough because for things like immigration and national full benefits there need to be national equal rights. The fabulous Lady Gaga will be marching as well and the weekend has been endorsed by many big gay organisations. One person not in favor of it is Barney Frank, he thinks we should not put more pressure on Obama and nobody in Congress cares about the the Equality March. Well I personally don´t care that much about Barney Frank either. While I thought that he was an intelligent man with some good views in the past, now he is nothing more to me then Obama´s little handpuppet.

The House of Representatives has voted 281-146 to include sexual orientation in the hate crimes bill, also knows as the Matthew Shephard Act, after a gay college student that was brutally murdered in Wyoming back in 1998. Next week the Senate will vote on it and then only Obama´s signature is needed to make it a law. Long overdue but good news nonetheless.