Wimbledon final Zvonareva-S.Williams

2 07 2010

Serena Williams in the final of Wimbledon is about as expected as anyone ever, just like maybe Martina Navratilova in her hey-day or Steffi. Vera Z. on the other hand is a huge surprise. I have always thought she has major potential. Great groundstrokes,good service, great feel for the ball, moves well .Except mentally it just never came together .Until this fortnight at Wimbledon that is. Her being there tomorrow on Centre Court is about as big of a surprise as  my fav Francesca Schiavone was at Roland Garros, really out of the blue, but both capable players. I like Vera a lot and seen her play often too, in Stanford, the U.S Open en Charleston and she is so entertaining to watch. Her opponent yesterday Pironkova played a great first set winning 6-3, but then it was over and she made too many mistakes. Zvonareva played super solid again like against Kimmie and won the last 2 sets 6-3 6-2. Serena made an end to the fairytale of young Czech Kvitova winning 7-6 6-2. Kvitova played a great first set though and shows there is much for her in store in the future. I think Serena will win tomorrow but if Vera keeps her nerves under control it might be a tight match.

Other news yesterday showed that the fall Justine Henin suffered against Kim in the quarter-final was a lot worse than first expected. She tore something in her elbow and it out for 2 months meaning she also misses the U.S Open and the Battle of the Belgians next week. This was gonna be the tennis match with the most spectators in history and now she is being replaced by Serena Williams and will be called Battle of the World. Hope and think people will still show up and hope Justine heals quickly. I love seeing her play.Serena WilliamsZvonareva-Dementieva in Charleston

Steffi Graf, German mother of the Nation

11 05 2010

Former tennis star and my ultimate idol Steffi Graf was chosen out of 20 mothers with 49% as “Mother of the nation” for the German newspaper Bild. Minister for Employment and mother of 7 Ursula von der Leyen was number 2, Angela Merkel number 5. Great choice, she seems like a super mom.

Steffi Graf’s children’s tennis rackets

26 03 2010

That is a coincidence. Just on the day I am gonna buy my nephews 4 new kids’ tennis rackets because the big ones do not work that well yet, I read Steffi has them as well. She has a line called Steffi 21 for Head. Graf has always been my idol so I buy everything Steffi, unfortunately I doubt they are already in dutch stores. Look forward to seriously teach my nephews how to play tennis.

Andre Agassi a meth user

28 10 2009

I almost feel backwards off my chair reading that this morning. The American winner of 8 grand slams admitted to having used the drug every now and then since 1997. In his upcoming memoir he says he even tested positive once, but lied to the ATP that is was in a drink that he had and a mistake. Pretty stupid of the ATP to believe him while the WTA suspended Martina Hingis for a dismal amount of coke. Both drugs will not make you play much better so I don’t consider it real doping.

After the first time he used he felt regret for a second, sadness but immediately after that a gigantic euphoric feeling(like everybody else, he only forgot to mention the huge come-down). The reason for using was the bad break-up with Brooke Shields he was going through and his terrible results on court at the time. In 1998 he met my idol Steffi Graf and they have been married every since.