Gossip, Janice Dickinson on Celeb Rehab, Paris Hilton arrested for pot, Lady Gaga/Westboro Baptist Church

18 07 2010

Janice Dickinson, the world’s first supermodel and reality star will be on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab to be treated for an alcohol addiction. Good she is looking for some help, but it might also only be for publicity. She certainly is the show’s biggest star and will get a nice paycheck.

For the second time in a few weeks, Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of marijuana. First at the World Cup in South Africa and now in Corsica at an airport. Both times she was released very quickly. I was so jealous after seeing the massive bed she has in the jet she travels with that I would not mind seeing her behind bars for a few days.

Some protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church of Fred Phelps showed up at a Lady Gaga concert in St. Louis. They had previously recorded a clip on YouTube in which they call Gaga a whore and more and now they try to ruin the fun for people at the concert, because Lady is pro-gay. She asked her fans to ignore the morons and most of them did. Some brought banners saying God loves Gaga/Gays and God for Everyone.

America’s Next Top Model

8 06 2010

I have alway liked this show and probably watched all seasons, but after just finishing cycle 12 last night, I am getting more and more annoyed. Most of all with the judges, when they have 10 pretty girls and they let them leave the show one by one and end up with the 4 ugliest I do not get it. I know a good model is not necessarily the prettiest girl, but a girl that looks 40 and is unattractive, a girl that looks like a scary doll, a girl with duck-lips and the winner that looks like my Italian Greyhound as the final 4 is a bit much. Tyra Banks has such a big ego it almost rivals her ass. I like Miss Jay but someone needs to reel her in as well and she is not funny. And Nigel Barker is a pompous cocky Brit that cannot take any slight bit of criticism by one of the girls towards him. I miss Janice Dickinson and Nole Marin as judges. I heard for the upcoming season they changed the judges and the prize will be a cover fo Italian Vogue instead of Seventeen. Maybe that spices things up a bit, otherwise they lose me as a viewer.

Gossip; Real Housewives news, Harry Potter loves the gays, Janice Dickinson, Britney

1 03 2010

Vicky Gunvalson macked with a 25-year old college student in Puerto Vallarta last month. Mike Pullin said they made out the whole night. Why anyone would wanna tongue Vicky is beyond me, but V needs assurance from everyone so bad that this does not surprise me. Poor Don. He is too good and nice for her.

I hear the rumors before but now it is official, Kim Zolciak from the Atlanta wives is dating a woman. It is circuit party DJ Tracy Young who left her girlfriend for Kim. They are an item for 3 months now.

Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter) has donated a huge amount of money this summer to a hotline that helps suicidal gay youth, The Trevor Project, something I blogged about a while ago. Now he has also shot a commercial for the group that will air this spring. Great that a young straight succesful actor does a thing like this.

I personally cannot get enough from Janice Dickinson, so I was happy to read that she will star in another reality show where she wants to find love with a much younger guy. Cougar alert!! And good for her.

And I end with the by far most important news of this year, Britney is back to being a blonde!! Looks much better than the ugly dark hair.