Gossip, sex with Hugh Hefner, Naomi Campbell and Charles Taylor, Ronaldo a dad, Heather Locklear completed rehab

4 07 2010

In her book Sliding into Home former Playboy bunny and ex of Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson talks about her first time with Hef. She was asked at a party if she wanted to go to Hugh’s room and when she arrived she saw every girl going on top of Hugh to have sex with him for about a minute!! She did not think about how old he was because all his parts were functioning. How romantic!! Viva Viagra.

Charles Taylor, the ex-president of Liberia, did give Naomi Campbell the so-called blood-diamonds. Her former agent Caroline White told that to the Daily Mail. At a charity back in 1997 she was sitting next to Taylor who was in openly flirtatious with her and later offered her diamonds that were delivered to her room at night. Both White and Mia Farrow have testified that Campbell was bragging about the diamonds the next day even though she now denies this. Who to believe?? Not too hard imo.

Soccer super star Cristiano Ronaldo announced on his twitter and Facebook that he is a dad. The mother will not be made public and the 25-year-old Portuguese guy will be the sole guardian and raising the child by himself. Quite a shocker and a little weird he is the sole guardian.

America’s sweetheart Heather Locklear has successfully completed rehab. She was in for 30 days to kick the prescription medication. Hope she will stay sober now and start acting again. Lately the only things she is known for  are accidents, alcohol and meds.

Gossip, Jerry Seinfeld hates Lady Gaga, Al Gore raped masseuse??, Prince Albert, Jersey Shore&Gay Pride

24 06 2010

Jerry Seinfeld is pissed at Lady Gaga. She was escorted to his private box at a Yankees’ game and now the former funny man is not amused. He called Gaga a jerk and told media he hates her. He thinks Gaga giving the finger to paparazzi is lame and old-fashioned and he does not like her need for exposure. His latest show, the Marriage Ref, was one of the lamest things ever and even though he was hilarious and great when he was young, now he is getting a little too old and boring. I love Lady Gaga and my boyfriend loves Jerry Seinfeld, curious to see what he thinks of this.

I bet my bf, who is a big Al Gore hater, would love it if this story is true. According to the National Enquirer, he tried to rape a masseuse back in 2006 in Portland, Oregon. Maybe that is why Mr Environmentalist broke up?

When talking about Prince Albert some might think it is about a pierced cock, but this story is about the Prince of Monaco. At 52!! years of age the former playboy, who dated many top models, is finally ready to settle down. He is engaged to Charlene Whitstock, a former Olympic Swimmer from South Africa. She seems great for him, he used to be a fanatic athlete as well.

The Guido’s from the Jersey Shore flexed their abs for the cover of the Gay Pride issue of the Village Voice. They knew it was for the Village voice, except the gay part. Since they did not ask and no one brought it up  they are now the headline for an article about Jersey Guido’s on the down-low(secretly gay). I bet they do not even care as long as they get publicity. The Situation and Snookie were at gay channel Logo’s Awards last week so i bet they are open-minded.

Cyndi Lauper is going to get her own reality show called “the comedy of our lives” featuring Cyndi, her husband of 19 years and their 12-year-old son living on the upper West Side. I think she is a riot and loved her last dance album. She show will be produced by Survivor czar Mark Burnett and I will definitely tune in.

Gossip, Sex and the City, Gary Coleman, Speidi Break-up, Kendra sex-tape, 50 Cent’s shocking transformation

29 05 2010

I have not seen SATC 2 yet but even though the critics are very negative ,the fans seem to love it and even think it is better than the first. My favorite author Jesse Archer had a small part in the movie and said Liza was “special”. It took her 300 takes and 3 days to get it right and she was so needy for the love of her “audience” that you cannot help but pull for her. Johnny Weir answered the question everyone has before, who of the 4 are you. He was mostly a Carrie and a Charlotte. I used to be a total Samantha but now I am a nagging whiney Carrie, I think. My boyfriend is a Miranda with a bit of Charlotte. Can’t wait to see it.

Gary Coleman, the tiny black child star, died yesterday of brain bleeding, at age 42. He became famous in Diff’rent Strokes and had roles in Married… With Children ,The A-Team and “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”  Gary was so small because of a kidney disease and was in the last years of his life more the butt of jokes because of his failed career and public fights. Sad. We had a guy in the Netherlands with the same sort of disease, Bart de Graaff. He also died young but was the host of several great TV-shows and even started his own TV/Radio Broadcasting Network.

I hope it is true this time, I definitely read it in multiple media sources!! Speidi has broken up. Apparently Heidi Montag got a little fed up with Spencer Pratt’s behavior, him generating bad press and family feuds. The funny part is that she says she wants to focus on an acting career!! In porn I guess.

Kendra Wilkinson has a sex-tape out made prior to her becoming famous. The former playmate and “girlfriend” of Hugh Hefner is getting $680.000 and profits from the video released by Vivid entertainment. She made a statement that is breaks her heart and is afraid people will judge her. Well, she could have picked a better partner to do it with, but please she is no royalty or in politics. This is not exactly a shock! I mean I do like her and her show Kendra on E but this is a little much.

Wow, has everyone seen the shocking pics of 50 Cent??  If not look it up.He lost 50 pounds for a movie role in which he plays a football player dying of cancer. It is so scary to look at. He looks like someone dying of AIDS or a person from Africa starving. Cannot say he does not try his best for this role.

Gossip; Tara Reid in Playboy, Amy Winehouse’s new tits, Heidi Klum’s baby, Kylie in Vegas

11 10 2009

Tara Reid is gonna pose for Playboy!! Can’t believe that any man is interested in her wonky stomach. She used to be hot 10 years ago but is the perfect example of what alcohol can do to someone.

Amy Winehouse is rumoured to have gotten bigger tits. She went from a 32B to a 32D. So another example of a stick with plastic balloons. I think Amy should have just stayed the way she is, she is not a sex-symbol or something. Then again everybody should decide what they do for themselves.

Heidi Klum had given birth to yet another baby, number 4!! 2 boys and 2 girls in that family now. The girl is named Lou. I love Heidi so I am happy all is well.

Kylie Minogue’s tour through North America is such a success that they offered her a permanent spot in Vegas. I think that would be awesome, she is perfect for Las Vegas with all her glamour and fabulous self.

Gossip, Marge Simpson in Playboy, Rihanna or Prince, George Michael split

9 10 2009

The November issue of Playboy will have a very interesting model. Marge Simpson will pose on the cover and have a three-page spread in sexy cartoon-lingerie!! Will the carpet match the drapes ?? Pity it´s not Selma or Patty, haha. Wow, Levi Johnston for Playgirl and Marge for Playboy, interesting choices.

Is it me or does Rihanna slowly morph into Prince?. I thought she was hot a year back but now with the shaved sides, the pompadour on top and her ridiculous slightly masculine outfits not so much anymore.

George Michael and his partner of 13-years Kenny Goss have split up according to many tabloids. Last Christmas, haha, Kenny had enough of George but they managed to keep it a secret until now. All the cruising and drugging that were made public were apparently too much for Kenny. George denies they broke up.

Gay news, Bush not as anti-gay as presumed, former gay vultures get chickens, reading Playboy makes you gay

22 09 2009

George Bush’s speech-writer has written a tell-all about his time for Bush and according to him the following took place. At a speech in 2008 Ed Gillespie wanted to insert a few lines condemning gay marriage and Bush refused telling him “I’m not gonna tell some gay kid in the audience that he can’t get married”. I always thought that Bush wasn’t that anti-gay but just did what he thought others in the Republican Party wanted him to say. Of course this doesn’t change that he won his 2004 election saying he was against gay marriage and that he was a terrible President. This though, puts him in a tiny bit of a better light for me.

Two male vultures at Jerusalem Biblical Zoo made headlines ten years ago with their gay romance. They even built a joined nest and the Zoo gave them an egg and later a baby vulture to raise. One of them fell in love with a female later on and left the other one depressed. The other eventually went to another zoo were he also met a female. A weird coincidence happened a while back though. Their spouses laid an egg on the same day, the eggs got hatched on the same day and the chick were exactly the same size. Chicks weigh in between 120 and 200 grams and the zoo’s have never before seen chicks with exactly the same size. Kinda sweet and bizarre.

According to Michael Schwartz, a chief of staff for Senator Tom Coburn, reading playboy can make you gay. He spoke at the Value Voters Summit, aka Bigot Club. Schwartz says that all pornography is gay pornography because it turns your sexual drive inwards. So you gotta tell that to your 11-year-old and then he does not wanna read it anymore to afraid to become gay. And he finished with that if it doesn’t make you gay, it will at least make you less capable of loving your wife. WTF!!! Talking about gay marriage to kids under 16 they find offensive but this is fine to an 11-year old?? I do remember sometimes snooping in Playboy though when I was around the age of 11 so maybe that did make me gay, haha!! No nature or nurture, it’s all about Playboy.